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Spark Services | 1 in 3 Employees Believe That Their Company’s Cyber-security is a Moderate or Major Problem

According to the Nulab Survey, nearly every third employee in a company is of the opinion that their company’s cyber-security leaves much to be desired. Now, with the situation so dire that working remotely is the new norm, it is even more imperative that the people in charge take the bull by the horns and do something about their companies’ problematic cyber-security.

Approximately one thousand full-time employees, who spend at least 4 hours of their day in front of a computer, were interviewed for the purposes of this survey.

Cyber-security Awareness vs. Willingness to Address the Problem

Even though there are many concerns about and threats to cyber-security, the attitude of companies towards the major threat of cyber-security remains relaxed and indifferent, to a large extent. It would scarcely be an exaggeration to say that companies that provide financial services have a lot to improve upon when it comes to spotting and countering cyber-attacks. 

Awareness and Reporting

People who own and run companies must make it a point to create a business environment in which their employees feel comfortable and safe enough to report any threats to the company that they might perceive or be apprehensive about, without the fear of being taken lightly or scolded. The long and short of it is that your employees must feel that their concerns are valid and that they are heard. It is imperative that you make them feel that their inputs are important.

Adopting a Changed and Reformed Attitude Towards Cyber-security and Placing it First on Your List of Priorities

There is no denying the fact that data breaches pose a huge risk to everyone. It is a universal threat, in every sense of the word. To combat this problem, changes need to be made at the grassroots level, that is, by adopting a better and more receptive attitude and culture in your business or company with regard to cyber-security. By adopting an office culture that places importance and lays emphasis on listening to your employees’ concerns and taking measures to resolve them, as well as prioritizing your company’s cyber-security and taking active steps to fortify it, you can increase your chances of detecting and preventing a security breach by a huge margin. It is important to note that the biggest challenge that small companies face is the slow reaction time to spot and counter security breaches in their computer systems as it takes approximately a couple of hundred days for companies to even realize that there has been a security breach in their cyberspace.

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