10 Effective Ways to Make Your Computer Run Faster
Spark Services | 10 Effective Ways to Make Your Computer Run Faster

10 Effective Ways to Make Your Computer Run Faster

All of us have faced this once, in fact, more than once in our life when a laptop or a computer we own suddenly stops working as fast as it did when we bought it. It can be very frustrating to sit and wait for the computer to perform the simplest of tasks like opening a folder.

The good news is that there are ways to ensure that your computer runs faster.

1. Don’t allow programs to start running when you start your Computer

The first step to ensure that your PC doesn’t work at a snail’s pace is to disallow the programs installed to start running the moment the same is switched on.

2. Install anti-virus, spyware scanner and anti-malware

To ensure that your system is protected from malware and viruses which cause serious damage, it is advised that you invest in a good anti-virus, spyware scanner, and anti-malware.

3. Always run a disk cleanup

This should be a period activity that you undertake to ensure the functionality of your device. Many temporary files and cookies are saved in your PC while you browse the internet. Make sure you regularly undertake a disk cleanup.

4. Make sure you regularly uninstall programs you don’t require

We often ignore the face the programs that we no longer use are still piled in on our PCs. Make sure you regularly uninstall programs that are no longer in use.

5. Save your data to a cloud or an external device

A viable option of ensuring not only that your data is protected but also enabling your PC to work faster is by saving your data to a cloud or an external device.

6. Remember to regularly clean up your hard disk space

Often times one tends to forget to clear out their hard disk. A cluttered hard disk with data, you no longer need, will automatically be a major reason for a slow computer.

7. You may change your power plan to high performance

We may sometimes change our power plan to low performance. This will significantly hamper the speed and performance of the PC. Changing this to a higher performance power plan will a viable means to increase the speed of the device.

8. Update your computer’s software without delays

All of us are guilty of delaying the process of installing software updates and postponing it to the next day. This procrastination may cost your PC. Make sure you update the software without any delay.

9. Periodically run a disk defragment to optimize your hard drive’s efficiency

Disk fragmentation will ensure that your drive is optimized periodically and this, in turn, will affect positively on the speed of the system.

10. Add RAM to your PC

RAM refers to the temporary storage memory used by the PC to run programs. For running new programs, you need more RAM and if you don’t have enough RAM, your computer will slow down. So, adding more RAM is always beneficial.

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