10 Ways to Secure Your Computer from Hackers

10 Ways to Secure Your Computer from Hackers

Like all things, even the internet and computer technologies come with their cons and many drawbacks. One of the most common problems that users face while using the computer is the risk of getting hacked or having malware like viruses infiltrate their systems.

In such cases, prevention is most definitely better than cure, so read on to find out the top ten ways you can secure your computer systems from hackers!


1. Secure your networks

It is important that you always remember to secure your network – especially when you install a new network router. In normal circumstances, when you buy a new router, it usually comes without any password or other security settings. It is advisable that you log into your new router at the earliest and set a password to ensure that your setup is encrypted.


2. Start using encryption

Another great way of protecting your data is to start using encryption. Encryption will prevent any hackers, or spyware to access your information and protect all your confidential information.


3. Back up the data on your computer

We cannot stress it enough when we say that it is very important that you back up all the information which is there on your computer on any available hard drive such as a pen drive or a hard disk. This way, you can always recover any data you may lose, without losing precious time.


4. Shut down your device

If you are using a computer device which is not very complex, and essentially operates on a switch on-switch off basis, then it is advisable if you switch off your devices for all the durations you don’t use it.


5. Ignore the spam mails

Spam mails are the most common way of hackers hacking into your computer devices and breaching your security. In such circumstances, it is best to avoid such mails and be alert when going through your email account inbox.


6. Keep your processor and browser up to date

Since most software updates come with security fixes, it is always recommended that you install all the new updates which come from time to time.


7. Start using complicated passwords

Another smart and common way of securing your computer from potential hackers is by setting complicated passwords for your networks and important files. The more complicated and difficult your password is, the harder it is to breach the security of your computer.


8. Opt for installing an anti-virus software

Installing antivirus software on your computer system is the best and most affordable way of securing your data from potential hackers and other cyber-attacks.


9. Go for a firewall

The primary aim of a firewall is to prevent access to your computer system by persons and entities which are unauthorized and also to alert you of such intrusion. So, make sure that you have installed/enabled this feature on your system.


10. Consider installing an anti-spyware software

As the name suggests, spyware is a software which basically spies and keeps track of all your computer activities as well as the files you store on it. To prevent such intrusion, it is for the best to consider installing anti-spyware software on your system.


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