3 Tips to Free Up Space in iCloud

3 Tips to Free Up Space in iCloud

Usually, one of the most frustrating issues could be the pop-up message “Not enough storage available.” Many users of iPhones and iOS devices are often faced with these problems whenever they want to engage in some activities on their devices, such as taking pictures or downloading exciting stuff. For every user of iOS and iPhone devices, Apple manufacturer provides these devices with 5GB of free iCloud storage space in order to back up their devices.

As you continue to accumulate data on your device, you also tend to outgrow the storage space required for backup. At some point, you’ll exceed the standard 5GB iCloud storage limit and your device with pop up the usual message “Not Enough Storage Space Available.” Indeed, this is an indication that your device is unable to back up your files and data on iCloud. Here, we’ll be revealing top three ways to free up the space in iCloud.


1. Backup and Delete Duplicate Photos/Videos

Nowadays, the world is filled with the tiniest moments that could radically contribute to a change in our entire life. It is quite impossible to merely describe these moments. From the moment of beauty to moments of understanding, these moments are created to make us feel alive. Interestingly, this is one of the reasons why people are obsessed with keeping records of their live activities using photos or videos. However, one of the biggest storage space killers of iOS devices are photos and videos.

By default, your iPhone or iOS device is automatically programmed to back up your videos and photos to iCloud before it turns out becoming a problem. So, one of the most effective ways to free up your storage space is to delete duplicate photos and videos, especially the ones that you’ve backed up somewhere else.


2. Delete Unnecessary Files and Documents

Along with your lots of photos and videos there are other things that eat up storage too. One other way to free up some space on your iCloud is to follow Apple’s prompt to manage your storage settings strictly. By this, you’ll be required to delete or clear off other data and documents that are unnecessary.


3. Delete Older Backups

One other way around freeing up some storage space on iCloud is by deleting the entire iCloud backup on your iOS device. For instance, you can do this on a device you no longer own. If you are planning to restore a device from an iCloud backup, you need to exercise some patience before you can delete the backup.


Though not comprehensive, these tips are a great starting point to a leaner iCloud account! Try these for your iCloud account and enjoy the free space you get!

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