4 Common Smartphone Problems And Their Fixes
Spark Services | 4 Common Smartphone Problems And Their Fixes

4 Common Smartphone Problems And Their Fixes

These days, it seems like smartphone problems are increasing along with their sales. Here we are talking about some common smartphone problems and their fixes!

1. Damaged Motherboard

Many times, a technician might tell you that the motherboard of your mobile has been damaged and may need replacement. However, sometimes the problem with your phone might be the result of a single broken component on the motherboard. To get your phone repaired, you will need to take it to technicians who are certified and highly skilled in soldering the minute parts to the motherboards.

When you bring in your device, the technician carries out a complete examination of the smartphone. After that the repair takes place. It can take one to two days to complete the repair.

2. Damaged Touch Screen

Your smartphone slipping off your hands and falling down is a common fear for many people. It is indeed painful to see your screen with cracks. However, sometimes it is only the touch screen which is affected, and the display stays intact. In such a case, you should be prompt and consult an expert technician for examination and replacement of the touchscreen.

However, if the cracks are deeper, there are chances of having a damaged display. Replacement of a display is quite expensive, but the right technician can bring down your costs by suggesting the right alternative. SPARK Services offers cell phone screen repair that will make it good as new!

3. Smartphone Drenched in Water

Smartphone problems and accidents like dropping and drenching in water can happen in moments of hustle. To avoid such accidents, you can use a sturdy waterproof mobile phone case to protect your phone. However, in case an accident takes place, a quick solution would be to keep your smartphone in dry grains. However, it is not the permanent solution. Make sure that you take your phone to a well-qualified technician. Though relatively expensive, it’s a worthy investment because they can help prevent cracked screens and water entering the phone’s ports.

4. Phone or App Crashes

Smartphone problems like phone or app crashes occur due to the bugs in your apps. Also, too many open apps and little memory on the phone can cause a phone crash too. For dealing with app crashes, you can clear the apps data from ‘App Info’ or ‘App Manager’ Also, clear your cached data and avoid opening too many apps at once. For phone crashes, try troubleshooting your device for random restarts, remove the case and external battery of your device for some time, or you can also perform a factory data reset on your device. If the problem is still not resolved, consider consulting a smartphone expert.

At SPARKS Services, we are all set to help you with our smartphone repair services. We will make sure that your problems are fixed in minimal time. You will also get a full report of the work done when you deal with us!