5 Effective Tips to Deliver Excellent Customer Service with 3CX

5 Effective Tips to Deliver Excellent Customer Service with 3CX

A business with a great product that attracts a niche in the market but fails to appease customers can never be successful in the long run. To keep your clients, delivering a consistent experience is vital. Customer experience is perhaps the most important aspect of a successful business.

Businesses that develop a strong customer experience strategy can reap the advantages of repeat business and develop a loyal customer base. Hence, online customer service is a crucial part of the overall customer experience. It includes the specific touchpoints across the journey when clients request and receive help.

There are many ways by which you can improve your customer service with the 3CX system. Here are sa few tips on how to provide great customer service with the 3CX system!

1. Understand the customer

With each generation, the needs of the customers are changing. The older generation relies on more traditional methods, while the recent ones prefer non-traditional platforms. There are two main things you need to remember: choice and efficiency. It is important that you let your customer choose their preferred platform, and it needs to be instant and efficient. Client-centric companies are on the rise, and they search for people who are driven to deliver a truly ideal customer experience.

2. Make sure immediate help is available

Clients prefer instant help by the way of live chat. It is efficient and requires minimal effort. Sometimes it might happen that chats cannot solve the problem. You can then upgrade to voice or video calls which will help you increase conversions and customer satisfaction at the same time. Also, offer automatic reminders or updates at all stages of the client journey. Offer options across channels (text, emails, etc.) to customize the communications.

3. Take advantage of the new chat feature for Update 7

The new 3CX update comes with various new features that will improve your efficiency. Chats are auto-assigned, auto-responses are available for customers, queue managers can view chats and whisper. The chat assistant taking over, and an avatar popping up also makes it a personal experience for the customer.

This new update adds inbuilt chat reports to make sure the agents are engaging with customers at all levels.

  • Abandoned Chats: It lists unanswered messages on the channels. The contact data of these client messages are shown on the report for easy reference.
  • Queue Chat Performance: It identifies the performance of queues for a particular date range to help one adjust agent scheduling and capacity.
  • Queue Agents Chat Statistics: It checks the statistics of particular agents in any queue for a particular date range in order to review their performance.

4. Integrate 3CX with Facebook Messenger

The Facebook integration is secure, and can make life easier for you. It saves absolutely no data and does not have access to data from Facebook as well. The stateless proxies forget about the SIP Request once it has been transferred. You don’t need to log in to Facebook, there are no extra software fees, and you have access to specialized reports too. This allows you to capture leads quickly which saves time and this, in turn, increases customer satisfaction.

5. Utilize 3CX SMS (Short Message Service)

SMS means Short Message Service and is more popularly known as texting. SMS supports 10 Digit Long codes and P2P. Your agents can receive and/or send SMS directly from the 3CX Chat. You can use this chat to share numbers between agents or even assign them individually, this is extremely efficient for team collaboration. Some other uses of this system are that you can send and confirm appointment reminders, resolve customer queries, send product offers and update them on the timings as well. It just keeps getting better.

Proactive customer service is when your business takes the effort to help a client before the client contacts you for help. It means trying to solve the difficulty at the first sign of trouble.

When it comes to business, our goal is to provide all of our customers with the best 3CX solutions possible using the most modern technology available. Customers want personalized, contextual, and seamless experiences across every channel and touchpoint. The harder it is for them to do business with you, the more likely they are to go for a competitor. We offer platforms that are open, scalable, and simple to integrate with existing infrastructures.

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