5 Essentials Of A Good Web Design

5 Essentials Of A Good Web Design

Web design may seem difficult or tricky, but it is exactly the opposite! If you follow some ground rules of web designing, then you can easily succeed with it!

To help you, today we’re talking about 5 essential of a good web design. Use them as your starting point!

Good web design is a bit more complicated than other types of design. It delivers information and should be precise. This is why one of the biggest requirements is precedence. While navigating through a design, the user should be led around and appreciate the work of the designer. This is what we call precedence!

In order to achieve precedence, you need to have a number of principles, like:

Position- Everything on the page should influence the user.
Color- Use colors in such a way that they create a sophisticated feel and attract the viewers.
Contrast- Using contrasts make the things stand out and look attractive.
Design Elements- Do not crowd your web design with a lot of elements, but use the ones which are essential.

Spacing makes the web design look clearer and more composed.  When you place text in your website, spacing determines how readable the website will appear.  Too little space and too much space both are a problem and affect the readability.  So you need to add proper spacing and make sure that the viewer will find it easy to read.

3. Make the navigation usable.

One of the most frustrating experiences on a website is being unable to figure out where to go and what to search to get the desired information. Basically, there are two aspects of navigation to keep in mind: firstly, the buttons should lead to the intended pages and secondly, they should be easy to find.

4. Your design should not be complicated.

A good web design need not be complicated. The viewer should find it easy and interesting, and should explore the website for as much time as possible. You can also use interesting visuals and engaging content while maintaining the simplicity of the web design.

For a good web design, you should be aware of every little choice you make.

Font Choices- Different types of fonts give out different vibes about the design. Some give a modern feels, while some give a retro look. Make sure you are using well-suited fonts for the design.

Font Sizes – Using proportionate font sizes is a sign of good and organized web design.

Colors- For using appropriate colors in your web design, you need to get accustomed to the brand for which you are designing the website. Once you understand the theme of any brand, you can easily create the desired impact through different colors.

Those these seem like a lot, they are quite easy to implement once you get accustomed with them! If you need professional help with your web design, check out our digital marketing services!