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5 Excellent Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Social Media

Social media has brought about a sea change in our lives. It continues to have a far-reaching impact on not just our personal lives or society at large, but also on the way business is done. Used properly, social media can help boost your business in no small way.

To get the maximum juice out of social media, you need a well-planned social media strategy that will help divert traffic to your website. For this, you need to understand the elements that influence strategy. What makes social media so important is that an ever-increasing number of people are spending more time on social media and this makes it the best possible medium for driving traffic to your website.

Every social network is different, but to get an immediate boost in your social traffic, there are some steadfast rules to follow for your social media channels. Remember that your content always says everything about your brand, so make sure your blog posts, case studies, or infographics go above and beyond to make the social sharing aspect greater.

Here are some tips to help you drive traffic to your website.

1. Social Media Posts

It always helps people to know what you are up against in terms of competition. The first step is to choose your social media networks to fill out your profile. This has to be followed by creating and publishing posts. After a couple of times, you are bound to find your feet as far away as the posting strategy goes. It wouldn’t hurt to use relevant skills like photographing and Photoshop to share images on Instagram and Pinterest.

2. Choosing an Apt Social Media Channel

First, have a set of business goals in place that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Once this is achieved, ensure that the chosen social media channel is aligned with your business goals. Keep in mind demographics to get an idea about buyer personas and their preferred media.

3. Adapting your Message

If you write the same message along with your blog post on all social media networks, people who view your post on more than one medium are likely to scroll past it. Different approaches on different media are likely to grab the attention of the intended audience.

The key to building follower count is all within consistency. The more consistent you are with your social media publishing, the higher chances you have of being noticed. Once you begin to see a spike in social media traffic, you shouldn’t slow down on your posting. Keeping a daily publishing schedule is vital to effective social media traffic building. Make sure you know roughly how much to post to each website and at what times.

4. Frequency and Time of Posting

Though there is no perfect time to post, the possibility of more people seeing your post is higher if you post at a higher traffic time. The best way of finding out what time is better for posting is through trial and error. Try posting at all times of the day by using post-scheduling tools. This will give you an idea as to which times and days’ work best for your products and brands.

5. Strategies for Increasing Social Media Traffic

  1. Join relevant communities and social network groups
  2. Engage with industry influencers
  3. Use hashtags for greater reach
  4. Share the same content multiple times
  5. Incorporate website material on social media and social media channels in the footer of your website
  6. Make wide use of visual elements
  7. Use automation for your social media posts
  8. Track your results using tools like Google Analytics Social Reports

Increasing your social media traffic begins with you efficiently managing your social media channels. Social media is a two-way street, so don’t hurt your traffic by making it a one-way strategy. Through the SPARK service’s collection of social media management tools, you have the ability to stay on top of social events, content, and comments in your feeds through a single-stream inbox. Building your audience takes time, but by following these above-mentioned steps, you will more than likely see a positive effect on your social media traffic.

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