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5 Marketing Trends To Budget For In 2019

5 Marketing Trends To Budget For In 2019

As 2018 is about to end, we must look ahead to what the marketing trends have in store for us in the year 2019. Here are 5 marketing trends which you must consider while planning your marketing budget!

1. Content has become quite significant in marketing.

One of the biggest recent trends in marketing is that content has taken over the marketing department. It has become a central part of every marketing effort. So to succeed in 2019, firstly you need to have a good budget for content marketing.

Also, you need to have a content marketing strategy or an expert who could guide you towards successful content generation. Moreover, pay attention to the sales trends and think about the ways in which content can accelerate your individual sales processes.

2. Chatbots will have more than customer service benefits.

In near future, your customers will be looking for more authentic, personal interactions with your brand.  As per a recent research, about 73 percent of marketers say that they utilize the website analytics to research the visitor trends, but merely 42 percent of businesses actually use the audience conversations.

Here you need to remember that not only do the chatbots provide you with the insights regarding what the viewers are looking for, but also they make it easier for you to deliver the information.

3. Alternative search formats will be in a boom.

Like there are various ways of communication, there are also different ways for research. Voice search is on the rise, and also there are possibilities of visual content getting more powerful in the search results. This is the reason why marketers need to be prepared for the rise of alternative search.

According to a recent research, majority of the marketers are moving in the correct direction by producing versatile content for their viewers. Are you one of them? As we proceed to the next year, you must prioritize creating multimedia content for the alternative search formats.

4. Marketing and PR will continue to overlap.

As the importance of content keeps growing, marketing and PR are likely to continue to overlap in 2019. Brands have begun to realize that marketing and PR teams can share the same interests, common goals, and work cordially or in close proximity.

5. Security and data privacy will come forth as major concerns.

Online security and the protection of personal information is getting high attention from the consumers in the recent times. Their trust in media is declining and the concern towards privacy is growing. Thus, in the coming year, marketers will have to put (if not already!) the processes for collecting, storing, and protecting their customers’ information and safeguard the trust which they have earned.

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