5 Tips for a Top Data Backup Strategy
Spark Services | 5 Tips for a Top Data Backup Strategy

5 Tips for a Top Data Backup Strategy

Many businessmen look at data backup plans like insurance policies and never figure out when they will really need them. Every dollar invested in backup plans are invested with regrets. But look at these statistics- according to a survey, 93% of companies lost their data during a disaster filed for bankruptcy, and about 43% never reopen or 51% close within two years. With these stats, you should understand that now is a good time to invest in data backups if you haven’t already.

Take a look at some of these data backup strategies which are useful for your business.

1. Good data security begins with good security professionals.

According to a research, the average cost of a data breach has reached up to $3.62 million, and there is a 27.7% chance of a recurring material data breach. There is an overload of data being created by the devices and apps, but what is that the companies can do to secure their digital businesses?

One simple thing- companies need to increase the awareness regarding data security and should be more proactive about the same.

2. Testing is the first step in data security & backups.

Data protection is a challenge for the IT departments, but one must remember that the organizations should not only have a backup strategy but you also need to regularly test whether the data is recoverable or accessible. It is now evident that data loss may have a lot of devastating effects on any firm’s brand reputation and customer trust, this is why examining your security strategy time and again will help you go a long way.

3. A good backup plan includes the whole network, not just the data.

Data backup is always appreciated, but at the same time, you also must have a  backup plan for the network. This is generally given lesser importance. In some areas, internet connectivity can be disrupted at times, and expose the businesses to risks of lost revenue, less productivity and bad customer experience.

One of the probable solutions for dealing with this is to upgrade your net connection to a stronger wired connection, but it is still susceptible to outages and service disruption.

Another option is to bridge the inevitable gap between wireless WAN failover, which is easy to deploy. There are only a few businesses which can afford to take the risk of network connections failures and so organizations need to prioritize backing up their network and internet connection.

4. Data backups should be done early, and not too close to each other.

Backing up business-related data is more complex than most people can imagine and this is the reason why backup and disaster recovery plans fall apart in the hour of need. The closer your backup is to the primary data, the more likely it will suffer the same loss as your primary data.

5. Backup systems should be at the top priority during the ‘budget times’.

All companies face those ‘budget times’ when the costs are being cut and everyone is looking for cheaper alternative to the business expenses. Even in such times, your data backup systems should be given top priority. But, you can look for cheaper alternatives or offers if they are available.

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