5 Tips to Keep Your Privacy Intact

5 Tips to Keep Your Privacy Intact

The digital age has its pros and cons. The very frightening reality of today is that nothing on the internet is private. The notion of privacy is slowly fading away. While the present scenario is pretty scary, you must not be worried as there are some precautionary measures that you can undertake to ensure that you keep your privacy intact.

As the famous quote goes, if you wish for something to be done, make sure you do it on your own rather than waiting for someone else. Here are some tips for you to ensure that you are protected on the world wide web.


1. Share less

Make sure you don’t share every little detail about your life on the internet. This way you’ll protect yourself from online stalkers. Over sharing is always a problem whether in real life or the internet. Therefore, the key is to share making sure that you don’t recall personal sensitive information that may enable someone to trace it back to you.


2. Tighten your privacy settings

While sharing less leads to protection the ultimate way to ensure that you are protected is by tightening your privacy settings in a manner that ensures that your privacy is not breached. Privacy breaches are the most prevalent when you leave your information improperly protected. Therefore, the first and the most vital step in ensuring that you are protected is to tighten your privacy settings. This comes with the responsibility of updating these settings regularly as well.


3. Adjust your browser

Many times, users are blissfully unaware of the various ways of adjusting their browsers in a manner that keeps you protected. You must review your options to increase the protection offered by your browsers. Displaying access to some harmful websites can be the first step to this. Likewise, there are many ways you can protect your device from unwanted malware and privacy threatening factors.


4. Use dedicated email accounts

It had been observed that many times people tend to make many email accounts. This not only leads to confusion but weakens your security protocols due to multiplicity. You may use the same passwords for all of them and in case of breach in one of them might ultimately lead to a domino effect.


5. Educate yourself

While you can ensure the above, you must keep yourself updated with newer ways to ensure better security. With technological developments further new threats have cropped up and you need to keep yourself educated to counter them. Keeping yourself updated about various new threats and ways to protect yourself will always be beneficial for your online presence.


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