5 Ways to Protect Your Computer from Ransomware

5 Ways to Protect Your Computer from Ransomware

There is a variety of ransomware which can intrude your system and exploit the vulnerabilities to install itself on your computer. You don’t want that to happen, right?

Here is a simple guide that provides info on ransomware and gives 5 ways you can keep your computers safe from them.

1. Keep a regular back up of your data.

Let’s start with the basics. The best thing you can do to prevent your computer from getting compromised by ransomware is to keep a regular backup of your data. So even if you receive a ransom request, you can simply wipe your system and restore your data- easy!

Cloud-based platforms are a good option to store your data and secure your servers without spending a lot of money.

2. Check the identity of the email sender.

In case you receive an unexpected mail from a suspicious address, then it is best to verify the legitimacy before you download any attachments. Whether the email comes from your bank or a personal contact; you should always get in touch with them personally and inquire if they have sent the mail.

3. Filter your .pdf and .exe files.

Most of the executable malware, viruses, and ransomware come through the .pdf or. exe file extensions. You can easily spot suspicious files if you have the default Windows option of “hide known file extensions” turned off. This feature enables you to see the full extension of any file.

Also, do not download any .exe file coming from a new or suspicious email address. Have your email provider’s antivirus option on so the files are automatically checked for virus before you download them.

4. Have an antivirus software installed to protect yourself from ransomware.

Take your protection to the next level by having both anti-malware and antivirus firewall on your computer. The firewall helps you identify and stop suspicious files and protect yourself from files coming from unrecognized sources.

It is important that you keep your malware and virus protection tools updated at all times!

5. Avoid browsing suspicious sites.

You’ve heard it a number of times about how visiting suspicious and illegal sites could harm your computer. There are a number of malicious sites on the web operated with the sole intention of stealing data from your computer. Ransomware can also spread in the same way. So, be careful about such websites and don’t download anything suspicious!

If you want to know more about how cybersecurity is important and what exactly is needed to keep your system secure, get in touch with the cybersecurity experts at SPARK. We are equipped to help you with all your enterprise data security requirements!