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6 Must-Have Laptop Accessories

6 Must-Have Laptop Accessories

Accessories make everything look and function better. With the growing demand of laptops and desktops, demand for accessories is also growing!

Take a look at these six super cool laptop accessories you must have!

1. Laptop Bag

These bags are necessary to protect your laptop from damage in case it falls down.

Keep these tips in mind before purchasing a laptop bag:

  • Any normal sized laptop should fit into the sleeve bag.
  • It should be durable and made with the water-resistant material.
  • It should have a warranty.
  • It should be good-looking and should also protect your laptop.

2. External Hard Disk / Portable SSD

A hard disk is used to store data when you don’t have enough space on your laptop. Using an external hard drive or portable SSD is especially important if you want to take a backup of your laptop.

Check a few features given below before you buy your hard disk.

Speed — You need to consider the type of interface (USB 2, USB 3, eSATA) and also the rotation speeds in mechanical HDDs.

Security — Lots of hard disks promise to deliver secure storage experience with additional security features like encryption, and also software suites. Check out these features and go for the best.

Durability — You should not need to purchase hard disks every other day or month. So check out the durability and warranty options before buying a hard disk.

3. Laptop Keyboard Cover and Skins

You can use silicone covers to protect the keyboard from getting damaged. You can get the thinnest cover available for your keyboard which can also protect the keyboard from dust and water. This cover is removable and washable as well which makes it easier to handle.

4. Portable Charging Bank / Power Banks

Do you hate it when your phone or laptop battery goes down? One easier way to deal with situations like these is to purchase a power bank.

You can get different types of power banks with different battery technologies. Choose one with high charge capacity and which does not get hot soon.

5. Laptop Stands & Lap Desks

If you want to work on a laptop, or watch a movie from the comfort of your bed, then you need to buy a lap desk! It protects your skin from getting burnt by the laptop heat and lets you do all the tasks comfortably. 

6. Bluetooth Mouse

For laptops, using a Bluetooth mouse enhances mobility, and it also looks cooler!
They are generally ultra thin and their precise surface helps to improve hard movement.

How many of these accessories do you already have? Want to share any other which we missed? Please do so in the comments below!

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