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6 Ways to be More Secure in the Cloud

People have been skeptical about cloud services for the longest time and though, cloud providers have adopted more secure systems now, there are still very real threats that pose a huge risk to the user’s privacy and security.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of 6 tips to help ensure better security in your cloud.

Educating and Training Users is a Must

Similar to all initiatives involving cyber-security, it is imperative that users are educated and trained in cloud management, possible security risks, and how to tackle them.

Data Encryption is the Way to Go

Data encryption is the final wall of security that is put up to avoid misuse of date, in the event of it being stolen. Its protection is crucial as data perpetually does leave the cloud. However, even this is not fool-proof as when encrypted data is decrypted for a particular task, it needs to be read into memory, making it vulnerable to specific attacks that are memory-based.

Make Use of Identity and Access Management Tools

The most crucial virtual deterrent that can lower the risk of potential attacks and breaches is identity. Every organization bases its cloud control strategy on an elaborate foundation of identity and access management or IAM. 

The key is to be specific and not vague. What we mean to say is that wide all-encompassing permissions and access control on accounts and objects are extremely risky and pose a huge threat to cloud security and data privacy. 

Make Your Cloud Management Simpler

The more complex or unnecessarily layered or tiered a cloud system is or the more cloud providers you use, the higher is the risk of security being breached and data being stolen and misused.

Avoid Security Misconfigurations

Misconfigurations are one of the biggest risks when it comes to cloud security. It is also one of the first things a hacker would look to take advantage of. In fact, a tiny thing such as neglecting to delete an old account can snowball into a huge problem in minutes. 

Detection and Response Must be Made Focal Point of Cloud Monitoring

Organizations must realize the importance of cloud management and data security. To this end, they must make sure to increase the efficiency and frequency of the monitoring of cloud activity, in order to ensure that all the relevant government protocols and procedures are being complied with.

For organizations that make use of just one or a couple of more SaaS applications, the collections of varied reports that analyze, aggregate, and correlate behavior, is ideal, and under ordinary circumstances, should suffice. However, in the case of organizations that make use of multiple SaaS applications, an SMP, short for SaaS Management Platform, or a CASB, i.e., Cloud Access Security Broker would definitely be a wiser option.

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