7 Affordable Tools To Use For Website Designing

7 Affordable Tools To Use For Website Designing

Web designing is no more an expensive affair. Whether you are a small business owner or a freelancer, you can use a few friendly tools to come up with an amazing website. 

Here we have listed 7 free or cheap options which can help you make web design fun and easy!

  1. Wix.com

Wix.com will help you to create a website in a speedy manner by simply dragging the pictures, features and adding your own text. This program lets you skip HTML or any coding languages and makes things easy for you. Also, the basic versions of Wix.com come for free but if you want to have your own domain name, then you will need to buy a paid membership. You can choose from plans which are priced at different levels, you also get services like different domain names, file storage, premium applications, hosting and costumer support. 

2. Yola

Yola is a simple program which is perfect for small business websites. The basic version of Yola comes for free and with its help, you can build a fully functional site in order to promote your business. You can also get add-ons for website design including a PayPal shopping cart to set up an online shop, a custom domain name, premium templates, advanced editing capabilities, etc. 

3. Weebly

With Weebly, you can build a high-quality and fully functional site having unlimited pages and also can host it for free. In case you choose to add the options like a domain name, multimedia features or e-commerce options, then you will need a high-end plan and substantial budget for that.

4. Webs

Webs is a platform which is established by the three brothers looking to help small businesses to enhance their web presence. The starter website packages are available at low rates and you can also check their other packages to plan your budget accordingly. They offer a pro plan which includes a custom domain name, unlimited web pages, a mobile site and unlimited storage. Isn’t that interesting?

5. Web.com

If you want somebody else to handle your webpage designs, then Web.com is a good option for you. Here, the web design comes for free, however, you will be charged for the ongoing maintenance and website hosting. Also, there are add on options available through which you can design online shopping features and much more. 

6. WebStarts

WebStarts is an amazing tool with several template options for small business owners. Moreover, even free and low-cost versions are also available, however, they do not have a custom domain name. The higher cost plan options offer more storage, custom domain name, advertising credits, contact forms and also SEO tools.  

7. GoDaddy

Besides domain names, GoDaddy offers features like web hosting and design services. Their personal plan has minimal costs per month for the first year and also includes 50 design options, free domain with an annual plan, unlimited pages and 1 GB of storage. Moreover, their business plus plan is priced low for the first year and it includes everything given above plus 50 GB of storage, business email, social media management and a mobile site and so on. 

For more such interesting tips or advice regarding web design, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can have a little chat and can explore your web design project too!

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