7 Best Mac Tips to Try

7 Best Mac Tips to Try

Macbooks are surely popular nowadays with millions of people using them at home and at offices. But due to its advanced features, people are sometimes not able to use them to their fullest. If you have a Mac then there is no better time than now to explore its advanced features and know what all wonders it can do.

Since most of you might not be aware of what all your Mac can do, we have made a list of all such features for your knowledge.


1. You can Actually Run Windows

Most people who use Mac are not interested in using Windows. But you can still run Windows on your macOS by using an app or you can run it in your hardware because Windows is something that we all are used to working with.


2. Sign PDFs Directly in Mail

No matter how tech savvy we are, we all have struggled while signing the PDFs. Whenever we receive an email PDF,  we first need to print it, then sign it and then scan it again and convert it back to PDF. But with Mac, this task can be done in a very hassle-free manner. All you need to do is to just drag the PDF into the mail you want to send it to, hover over the PDF in the top right and a small button will appear which has a lot of inbuilt markup options. It also includes the option to sign the PDF. To sign the PDF you can either upload your scanned signature or you can sign it yourself.


3. Use the Split Screen  

Most of the time we all have to work on two windows or apps together. In such a case you can use the split screen feature of the Mac and make your work easier.


4. Use Another Screen Remotely

Many times we need to share our screen with our colleagues to complete the work. In such a situation, you can do it via the screen sharing app of the Mac. All you need to know is just the Apple ID of the person with whom you want to share the screen and just make sure that screen sharing is enabled on their Mac as well.


5. Send and Receive SMS on Your Mac

Whenever someone sends you any text, and if it is green, it means that they have sent you an SMS. Earlier you could only read and answer the iMessages on your Mac, but after the recent updates, you can also reply to the SMSs. This indeed saves a lot of your time.


6. Store Anything on iCloud Drive

After the recent updates, you can put any type  of file on the iCloud Drive from your desktop or documents folder.


7. Add a Guest User Account

You all must be already knowing that you can add multiple accounts on your Mac. But there is another option which enables you to add a guest account login to your Mac. The person will be treated as a guest on the login screen and there won’t be any need to enter the password and also there won’t be any data saved.


So, how many of these did you already know? If you didn’t know one or more of these, do give them a try and let us know how it goes, in the comments below!

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