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7 Important SEO Benchmark For Success

7 Important SEO Benchmark For Success

Businesses can always improve the performance of their SEO campaign by tracking and measuring the SEO benchmarks. One of the biggest SEO tactics is writing quality content.

SEO benchmarks are considered to be crucial and help you in measuring the success of your SEO projects. SPARK Services measures its SEO results with the help of these benchmarks.


1. Backlinks

This SEO benchmark is considered to be one of the most important indicators for the success of the SEO project, irrespective of the changes made to the search algorithm throughout the years. Your website’s ranking can really be affected when connections to your website turn out to be false or spam. Genuine backlinks are the way to go.


2. Landing Page Quality

The more amount of data you have,  the better off you are. What makes it really attractive for the customers is the utilization of effective keywords while writing content for the landing page. The design, as well as the content of the landing page, could make or break your website. You will be able to check out the analytics of the traffic visiting the different pages of your website with the help of Google Analytics.


3. Indexed Pages

Indexed pages are simply the pages available in the search engines to be searched for. Such kinds of pages need to be benchmarked. The quality of the indexed pages on your website is based on the diverse positioning components of Google. You just need to enter the name of your website, and you would be provided with each and every page of your website that has indexed successfully.


4. Bounce Rate

Higher bounce rate means one thing i.e. bad client experience. Hence, you need to benchmark it. Bounce rates would differ, which is based on your pages or particular business.


5. Click Through Rate

It’s one of the most important factors to be considered. Google examines the CTR of your SERP results, and by mixing the outcomes indicates the pages getting the highest CTR.


6. Total Page Views

Total page views determine how popular your website is. If you are obtaining ‘one plus page hit’ for each and every guest, then the visitors might be interested in:

  • Reading your website content
  • Learn about your products

If your visitors are visiting various pages of your website, then there’s no doubt that they would be converted into customers.


7. Online Networking

Online networking hugely depends on good SEO. Google must know that people are sharing as well as liking your posts and content. This helps you understand that the content written on your website is share-worthy.


The amount of traffic visiting your website doesn’t matter unless you are able to witness a conversion. Fixing your website’s SEO would definitely help you with it!

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