9 Web Hosting Tips You Should Know
Spark Services | 9 Web Hosting Tips You Should Know

9 Web Hosting Tips You Should Know

Efficient hosting is the key to good brand imaging and business. It is the cornerstone of your website. If not handled properly, server downtime has the potential to hurt your business. So, it is essential to ensure your web hosting account is in the best hands possible.

With an ever-increasing number of tantalizing promotions being thrown in our faces by web hosting companies, it is but natural to become confused. But before you give in to the lure of marketing wordplay and promotions, here are a few pointers to help you make the right choice.

1. Ensure separation of Domain and Hosting

Find a trustworthy and reliable registrar from the very beginning. Also, you need to know that Domain names don’t have to be registered at the same company. This is important because the Domain name is your online identity. It is also an asset that is not just expensive but also irreplaceable. Hosting services on the other hand, primarily exist to accommodate the website. Now, many web hosting companies might prefer that you register your domain with them since it rakes in the profits for them. But if the web hosting company goes down together with your Domain, it will definitely leave you in the lurch.

2. Gimmickry in the name of “Free Domain”

Though a ‘Free Domain” might sound enticing, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before agreeing to such an offer:

  1. a) Ownership of domain – Though the domain is free, ownership is retained by the hosting company. This can mean two things: One you are stuck with the company forever and two, you need to pay a hefty sum to buy the domain back.
  2. b) Terms of renewal – Invariably the first year is free, but renewal charges are hefty; something to the tune of 200%markup over the average domain name cost.

3. Catch regarding unlimited storage

The truth is that there is no such thing as “Unlimited Storage”. If you study the TOS of your web hosting service thoroughly, you will find a section that mentions CPU/server usage. This basically states that if your website uses more than a certain amount of storage, it is in contravention to the TOS and therefore liable to termination.

4. Study the Disk space and Bandwidth terms

You need to know if you are going to have to pay a hefty charge for the vast data transfer if your website suddenly becomes popular and starts drawing in a whole lot of visitors. Often most websites don’t go past their bandwidth quota by high traffic alone, but it can happen if you provide files for download, on your website.

5. Research

Do not get carried away by biased or subjective verdicts.

6. Provide for your own backup

Though the host needs to perform regular backups, it is wise to do your own off-site backups.

7. Use commission rebates or coupons to buy and save.

8. Use PayPal or a OneTime Credit Card as it might be impractical, costly, and slow if you engage your local bank to do the conversion.

9. Avoid long term contracts unless the web host has an excellent track record.

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