Bringing Order to Chaos

Another successful outcome for SPARK Services

SPARK Services was recently contracted by the Muskogee Housing Authority in Muskogee, Oklahoma via competitive quote to rewire and upgrade the Housing Authority’s network hub and in-building network infrastructure.

The Muskogee Housing Authority (MHA) helps to provide housing options for low income, disabled or elderly individuals in the Muskogee, OK area. They rely on their networking equipment for the daily administrative operations of the Housing Authority, as well as providing connectivity to various terminals and stations in the course of routine and emergency operations and maintenance.

Scope of work and starting work conditions

SPARK was contracted to upgrade MHA’s network hub and network wiring in their 5 buildings.

On-site at MHA, our technical team found a wiring hub that was disorganized, equipment that was not supported and hanging out of its assigned cabinet, cables and equipment not labeled, no cable management implemented to speak of, and premise wiring in need of upgrade.

Leaving any networking hardware unkempt could complicate equipment maintenance, allow unauthorized individuals direct access to the network hub (notice the cabinet can be closed and locked), and would not allow the network to operate with optimal speed & efficiency. SPARK did both hardware upgrades for enhanced speed & clean up the wiring.

Our process flow

1. Reconfiguration on internal network

Reconfiguration of internal network wiring (and replacement upgrades when necessary) allowed greater efficiency and accessibility for users of the MHA’s internal network.

Equipment in the network hub area was reconfigured in such a manner as to fit within the assigned networking cabinet. Equipment was hard-mounted as appropriate, cables were re-routed, sorted, and dressed as necessary to accommodate.

2. Cable management

Cable management was implemented in order to provide organization to the “spaghetti junction” that the legacy installation had become. Labels were applied as appropriate to hardware and cables.

All physical connections made by the SPARK Services technical team were tested, validated as operational, and documented before job closeout.

Final outcome

As you can see from Picture #2, the networking cabinet has been returned to functionality, providing protection for the equipment from unauthorized individuals, isolation of the equipment from physical hazard, and providing a degree of security. Enhanced network functionality was achieved via selective upgrades of wiring and hardware, while retaining use of all customer premise equipment that was deemed in good enough condition to remain in-service.

The customer facility looks cleaner, neater, and more professional plus being more organized to facilitate ease of future service activities if needed. The customer satisfaction for the work performed by SPARK Services exceeded their expectations.

SPARK Services is invested in providing complete turnkey, “end-to-end” customer service from cradle to grave.

A professional, neat-appearing, and functional installation was the end goal of this installation, which we feel was completely achieved and that exceeded the expectations of our valued customer.

As a SPARK Services customer, we take the burden from you of worry about the functioning of your network, allowing you to concentrate on more productive use of your valuable time. SPARK Services aims for total customer satisfaction, every single time, with every element of our work.