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A lot of businesses had to adapt to a lot of needed trends, just as to ensure their work continuance during this pandemic. Many of them had to make some major changes like total remote access dependency, conference functionality, etc. With these “new trends,” also came the “new challenges.” 

That one aspect that has proven to be common for every business, during this pandemic has been our dependency on technology. A lot of businesses have now resorted to new cloud-based functions, embracing the latest and shifting the whole workload to cloud environments. 

Start with Cloud Data Security

While your business plans the shift to cloud storage, it’s important to start analyzing your data storage protection strategy. Having a robust data protection plan in place is extremely necessary to authorize access to your employees as well as, allow you to monitor and safeguard the more sensitive and personal data.  Hence, coming up with a Data Loss Prevention plan is not only crucial but also elemental to one’s business.

Always Look out For Popular Cloud Applications

It is natural to be drawn towards the flow of the stream, and hence people usually pick up trends from their peers, which are comparatively easier to learn or that aid their success. Such is the case of cloud applications. It is also important to monitor the preferences of the employees. Often, employees in order to get the job done can use applications which might be a security threat. 

Now, as an organization, it’s necessary to understand the need of the workers and either give them a safe environment to function or make recommendations of a safer and equally convenient alternative. For this purpose, you can take the help of a cloud access security broker (CASB). This offers perspective to all cloud-based applications, across businesses, whether being used externally or privately, that people might be using.  It will help you in analyzing the usage trend. So, in case you see your employees access a less than secure application, this will help you in coming up with a better alternative.

This will act as a bank of opinions, from which you can make an informed decision. 

Important Aspects to Consider While Making DLP

Not all employees will have a uniform working behavior. A few will be purely dependent on on-premises systems for their productivity and exchange of data, while the others, might break out of the traditional workspace parameter and switch to remote access. Then there may also be those who use a combination of the two.

To come up with a DLP, it will be essential to read your data flow trend. Coming up with a DLP solution while empower you to come up with cohesive strategies and policies so as to prevent data exfiltration, across all modes and trends.

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