Clean out that dust in your Apple iMac

Computer Repair

Is your laptop not turning on?

Has your desktop computer stopped booting up?

The problem could be caused by overheating due to lack of cooling.

Here’s what you should know:

Repair service: Faulty hard drive
Symptoms: Won’t load MacOS on startup

Product: 2010 iMac i3 16GB RAM
Make: Apple

Why computers need airflow

Like a breathing animal, our computers require fresh air, primarily for cooling its processor and other components as they heat up. As desktop computers and laptops get slimmer and lighter, it becomes even more essential for these devices to get the proper cooling that their processors, GPUs (graphics), and hard drives/solid state drives need.

Dirty cooling fan #1 on iMac
Dirty cooling fan #2 on iMac

What causes devices to overheat?

Main cause of your desktop or laptop to overheat is lack of cooling. This is commonly caused by some type of blockage.

For instance, dust or debris can accumulate inside your computer or laptop’s ports or vents, which can cause them to clog or block the airways required for proper cooling. Blankets, clothes, comforters, and other types of fabrics can also block airflow and/or over-insulate a computer’s internal components.

Either way, not paying attention to your machine’s maintenance can result in hardware components overheating and malfunctioning.

For this Apple iMac, accumulated dust and debris caused both its cooling fans to work inefficiently, ultimately causing the hard drive to overheat and burn out.

Cleaned cooling fan #1
Ready to reinstall the screen after cleaning cooling fan #2

How to keep your computer or laptop running cool

There are both short-term and long-term things you can do to help keep your desktop or laptop running cool and longer.

Firstly, make sure your machine has enough space around it for enough airflow; don’t keep it against blankets or enclosed in any tight spaces as this can reduce or block necessary ventilation.

To help keep your computer or laptop running properly long-term, we recommend yearly cleanings and inspections.

If you have an older laptop, an old battery can also overheat unexpectantly.

SPARK Services provides both services to our local customers in the Muskogee OK area. Also ask us about battery replacements.

Dirty cooling fan #1 on iMac (Before)
Cleaned cooling fan #1 on iMac (After)
Dirty cooling fan #2 on iMac (Before)
Cleaned cooling fan #2 on iMac (After)
Screen taken off iMac (dirty)
Cleaning an imac
Ready to reinstall the screen after cleaning the iMac

If you’re in the Muskogee, OK area, you can always bring your machine in to our computer shop for professional cleaning, maintenance, or repairs.

By bringing your computer into us just once a year and having it professionally cleaned it could have saved the customer over $350 in service and hardware costs, including replacing the iMac’s hard drive. The cost of our cleaning service would have just cost $47.50.