How To Develop An Effective Social Media Content Strategy
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How To Develop An Effective Social Media Content Strategy

Content is the base of every marketing effort you take on the internet and social media. And there is also something called as the content strategy for social media marketing! But what is social media content all about? What are the different aspects of content strategy? How can you build it effectively?

Here are some essential tips which you need to know about creating a content strategy for social media marketing.

Identify Your Target

Before creating a social media content strategy for marketing, you need to beforehand identify your target clientele. First, you will need to narrow down the target audience by the factor of interest:

  • Who is your target client? Define the age, gender, income level, choices, and interests.
  • Where is your target client base located?
  • Which content presentation style would be convincing for your targeted client base?

Select the Right Social Media Platforms

You have a plethora of social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Each platform demands a different content style and strategy. Twitter demands concise business messaging; Instagram is about amazing and interesting photos, while Pinterest is apt for infographics and tutorials. However, Facebook is a blend of all these content elements.

So, you will have to build an individualized strategy for each platform. You can also pick two or three platforms and concentrate on publishing relevant content consistently.

Choose Interesting Formats

Consider using innovative and exciting social media content formats, like:

  • Infographics
  • Blogs
  • SlideShare Decks
  • Live to Stream
  • Podcasts
  • Quizzes
  • Videos
  • Boomerangs

Set Your Marketing Goals and Make Sure Your Content Meets Them

Your social media content should fit into your marketing strategy. Here are some examples of goals which you may decide on and then make sure that the tone of your content will fulfill them:

  • Your social media content may have a goal of educating and spreading awareness regarding certain thing/issue
  • You can provide certain solutions through your social media content
  • Your social media content can be motivating

Set a Tone for Your Content

If you are creating social media content, then you need to set a tone for making it effective. You need to blend a professional tone, a bit of wit and complying. Remember that your content should not be too informal and also you must avoid posting too personal content on your business profiles. Your social media content should be friendly, fun, and engaging, but not obnoxious.

You can also keep the viewers engaged by posting smart calls to action, motivational messages, hashtags & catchy images on regular basis.

Your strategy should be focused on active listening. You should aim to figure out what your audience wants and do more of that!

Do Not Be Too ‘Salesy’ with Your Social Media Content

While creating social media content, remember that you must not get too salesy and sound like an urging salesman.  Instead, engage your audience through informative, interesting stuff which makes them understand your brand better and why they should avail of your services or products.

You can also track your social media marketing progress through various tools or consult a social media marketing expert for more tips, assistance, and guidance.

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