Exciting 8 SEO Trends for 2020

Exciting 8 SEO Trends for 2020

Search engine optimization, or SEO, has full-fledged developed to be a huge significance for competitive marketers over the last few years. It’s pretty humble to understand why – better search engine rankings result in more traffic, improved leads and amplified conversions and sales.


What is SEO?

You’ve likely overheard of the term SEO, and if you haven’t already then let us clarify it to you. SEO or Search Engine Optimization in diffident language denotes to the course of moving the perceptibility of a web page or a website in a quest engine’s free searches. It is the medium to upsurge the site’s position on search sites like Yahoo, Bing or Google.

Developing an efficient SEO strategy for your business can absolutely give support in drawing traffic to your website as well as rise revenue and sales. The objective of SEO is to supply to an impartial result that delivers information that you are searching as rapidly and exactly as possible.

SEO is considered to be Google’s way of determining which sites earn to rank exceptionally for each request entered into its search engine. Here are 8 exciting SEO trends which you can follow in 2020:


1. Video is soon to be the content king

Individuals prefer watching online videos than TV. The youth prefers being on the internet and gather information about materials. A perfect and informative video can attract users if it is interesting and doesn’t make them fall asleep. If you use your videos accurately, it can actually impact your SEO campaign.


2. Increasing use of voice search

Individuals prefer to speak up their queries from a distance while working rather than typing it out. Users always desire to get answers to the exact questions they asked, thus it is vital to present your information that way. Bullet lists play an important role here in increasing the chances of ranking for voice queries.


3. Mobile optimization is necessary

With time modern individuals prefer to browse their information via mobile internet and most of the transactions occur on phone. Your business can never find a position in the search results if you haven’t optimized for mobile operations. Make sure that your users don’t face any technical glitches while on the mobile website.


4. Artificial intelligence

This introduces the picture of machinery and robots. Currently, in most instances, AI is being used in digital marketing to decipher the relevance of the content, acquire information on ad targeting, streamline ad campaigns and make sure that the users meet their respective requirements. AI can also be used to classify web pages and determine the rankings with accuracy.


5. Featured snippets

These are brief excerpts on Google that are available below AdWords Block and above organic search results. There are five kinds of featured snippets including table, list, paragraph, accordion, and video. Sites that offer financial and educational information are the ones achieving the most featured snippets. This is a vital SEO trend with significant modifications.


6. High-quality content

Users are always on a search for high-quality content that is relevant, useful and consistent. Google search results always reward those websites which are consistent and make an effort to be present on search rankings. You should always present your content with a lot of research so that the users get the exact answers to their questions.


7. Leverage influencers for SEO

Influencers have the ability to interact with their followers on a personal platform. It is best to communicate with influencers with a strong network base so that your brand can be understood better by the public. Users are always in search of authentic data they can trust.


8. Digital experiences are the new in

Great content has zero impact if the web page takes hours to load. Page load speed is a vital ranking criterion. Businesses must understand that users always prefer to browse through the website without any interruptions. Make sure that digital experiences can be easy for the users, make use of simple keywords that are easily understandable.


Achieving a top position on the top page of a search engine doesn’t happen overnight. Your SEO tactic needs to be a nonstop procedure. Connect with us at SPARK Services where we can make an effort on SEO tricks for your website so that you can be the best in the market!


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