The Flame and Ember series Internet 4G WIFI modems leased or sold by SPARK Services are in tested, working order and set to a known internal configuration at the time they leave our office location(s) and are provided to the end user(s). In order to achieve this standard, it is necessary to set certain technical parameters within the modem(s) to specific settings so as to insure a working, stable platform for provision to our customers. At the time of purchase, a customer has the option to define to SPARK Services any custom parameter(s) to be set into the modem configuration (such as a custom SSID) prior to shipment.


Notwithstanding the above, SPARK Services, upon request, will provide to the purchaserof a Flame or Ember series modem a password to access the internal configuration of the modem that will allow for alteration of the operational characteristics of the device by the purchaser. However, this will require the purchaser desiring password access to our product to agree to the following terms;


1)   The one-year warranty from date of purchase against product defects will only apply to hardware failures that are verifiable by SPARK Services NOT related to an internal configuration error. Physically tampering with or breaking seals on a modem render any product warranty null & void. 

2)   In the event of disruption of service caused by a configuration error in the modem set by an end user, the charge to reset the modem to known good configuration is equal to one hour of technician labor (currently $95.00). In the event we are not able to remotely access the device to reset the configuration, the end user is responsible for shipping expenses to return the device to a SPARK Services location to allow a technician to bench the unit, reset configuration parameters, and verify correct operation. SPARK Services will then return the modem to the purchaser at the purchaser’s expense.

3)   Password(s) provided will not be published or shared with other individuals except for the original Purchaser and authorized representative(s). Further, no internal firmware from SPARK Services product(s) shall be copied or re-distributed under penalty of law.  

4)   SPARK Services is not responsible for any damage to the units resulting from shipping, nor is responsible for any missing shipments. We strongly urge that units be returned to us via insured and tracked shipping methods.


For modems that are rented, SPARK Services is responsible for the system integrity of our provided devices. Any changes in configuration MUST be made by a SPARK Services technician at a SPARK Services facility. Customer access to internal configuration of the modems is neither allowed or a condition of the rental. Any custom parameters a rental customer desires set into a modem (such as a custom SSID) must be defined at the beginning of the lease prior to initial shipment. The charge to modify a configuration setting after start of the rental period is equal to one hour of technician labor (currently $95.00) plus shipping expenses. This must take place at a SPARK Services facility.


My electronic signature to this document indicates agreement and consent to these terms, and shall be incorporated into the master sales contract or lease agreement as appropriate. 

Modem Password Release

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Modem Release Form

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Signed by Robert Allen
Signed On: April 11, 2019

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