11 Highly Useful Features of VoIP

11 Highly Useful Features of VoIP

It’s no secret that VoIP has plenty of benefits for businesses. But as a business owner, aren’t you curious about which are the most useful ones? Well, today we’re going to talk just those!

Read on to discover the 11 highly useful feature of VoIP which will make you get your VoIP system right away!

1. Music on Hold

This feature enables you to play a  selected track from our library so that your customer does not have wait in a silent void while the call is being redirected to the concerned person.

2. Call Queues

With this feature, you can ensure that your customer calls are going to the right departments by distributing inbound calls automatically and by letting them know that their calls are in the queue.

3. Skills-Based Routing

With VoIP, you can route calls based on the agent performance and their ability. This feature is quite useful if you have a top salesman whom you wish to give priority.

4. Call Whispering

If you want to supervise the communication of your executive with your customer, then this feature is highly useful! You can listen to their call and also give essential inputs to your executive during the call, without letting the customer know!

5. Click-To-Dial

Don’t you get bored of dialing telephone numbers? You can now have click-to-dial telephone numbers in your emails, browsers, and your MS Office applications.

6. Audio Conferencing

Two-way calling is just too old-fashioned now. With VOIP, you can also arrange an audio conference with an internal team or external participants.

7. On-Screen Directory

With an on-screen directory, your VoIP system helps you organize your contacts. You can see them on your screen and sort them into groups, transfer calls and look who is available.

8. Video Conferencing

With this highly useful VoIP feature, you can now stop delays and let people hide behind a telephone. You can do face-to-face business which is proven to grow sales, while also helping you improve client relations.

9. Multi-Site Working

Do you have multiple branches or offices? That is great! Your VoIP system will flawlessly work across all sites. You do not need to connect cables- just start up your Internet, and you are ready.

10. Fast Disaster Recovery

Your communications become safer and more secure with VoIP. You do not need an on-site engineer to fix the problem. You can be online again in just minutes.

11. Flexible Virtual Answering

You can use the virtual receptionists to route calls to different departments or individuals, without the need for employee intervention.

If you are a business owner, we’re sure that by now you understand how useful a VoIP system can be for your business! If you are looking for reliable VoIP systems and services in Muskogee and beyond, we’re here to help!