How 4G Internet Can Change the Agriculture Industry

How 4G Internet Can Change the Agriculture Industry

Access to 4G internet has never been as crucial as is it is now. With faster internet and constant access to it, businesses are booming and so is the economy. Yet, there is a gap that exists between rural and metropolitan cities. Farmers often do not have access to fast internet and because of this, the agriculture industry will grow at a slower pace may remain almost stagnant.

4G internet is no longer a luxury for farmers; it is an absolute necessity for them during this digital age. Effective 4G internet networks lead to more efficient, economical, and environmentally responsible agriculture operations. High-speed 4G internet networks are important to ensure that the farmers can use the latest precision agricultural equipment. These networks help farmers to follow commodity markets and communicate with vendors, suppliers, and customers. It enables farmers to get a foothold in new markets while ensuring that they follow the ever-changing regulatory standards.

Problems Faced by Rural Communities in Terms of 4G Internet Issues

The rural areas are scarcely populated. Because of this, many providers feel that investing in them would be a waste of time, resources, and money. There are very few providers who are actually interested in investing in these areas.

This leads to a chain reaction which goes as follows: A scarcity of providers means a lack of competition, which in turn drives costs to skyrocket for consumers. It can cost as much as $10,000 per mile to lay fiber in rural areas. It must be noted that these costs cannot be offset by dense housing subdivisions of the metro or by the suburban neighborhoods. Regular cellular hotspots offer minimal data caps which do not fulfill all the farmers’ needs, so they are forced to operate on little or no internet. This is what makes wireless and satellite solutions a more viable option.

Impact of 4G Internet on Agriculture

Technology is only getting smarter by the day. The agriculture tools that farmers use day to day are in need of more data and the internet. With cellular 4G internet, farmers will be able to communicate better and track trends in their output process. This will definitely help them reach their full potential.

Without a strong internet connection, tools like yield mapping, guidance systems, and soil mapping which provide farmers with data on how much water and fertilizer their crops need are unable to provide accurate data. Even if they do manage to get the data, they don’t have enough internet to transfer it, for it to be actually used.

Machinery keeps improving too, so the number of internet users to keep up with it also increases. It is safe to say that the internet is needed to improve the state of the farm as a whole. It’s also worth mentioning that sustainability is critical in the current scenario. With high-speed internet and constant access to it, farmers will be able to make the changes that make their businesses more environmentally friendly. Being able to manage water and crop inputs through smart data collection will enable farmers to save water and use only the necessary amounts of pesticides, creating positive environmental impacts.

Advantages of 4G Internet in Agriculture

Just like other industries, the application of 4G internet in agriculture promises reduction of cost and resources, previously unavailable efficiency, data-driven processes, and automation. 4G internet helps farmers to monitor their products and conditions in real-time. Also, it enables the farmers to divide adequate resources within one planet.

All efforts must be made to make sure that farmers and rural communities have the connectivity they need to run modern agricultural businesses and lead a higher quality of life in rural communities.

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