How to Choose the Best Domain Name
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How to Choose the Best Domain Name

The domain name of your website is the most important business tool that establishes your identity in the eyes of the people. Domain name once chosen and selected goes on with the business forever. So choosing the right domain name is of utmost importance for your success. Changing the domain name after years of establishment also hinders your brand image in the eyes of your customers. This is the reason why it is important to choose the right domain name at the start itself.

In the beginning it is definitely a tough task to come up with a relevant and catchy domain name for your website, but just a few tips can solve this problem of yours. In the below article we will be sharing a few tricks and tips that can help you in deciding a suitable domain name for your website.

Stick with .com

Initially, the only domain extensions that were used by all the websites were Com., Net and .Org. But today people keep different domain extensions for their websites that reflect the nature of their business. People have shifted from the traditional domain names to names like .blog, .photography, etc. that reflect their business. No matter how catchy and tempting the new domain extensions sound, we still recommend you to stick to the traditional .com domain name. The domain name with the .com extensions are also seen as the most trustworthy rather than .photography or .pizza.

Keep your domain name short.

It is always advisable to keep your domain name short and simple. If you are deciding on a domain name for your business website then it should always be short and easy to pronounce. This would make it easier for your customers to remember it.

Keep it unique.

Make sure to keep your domain name unique to save yourself from the accusations’ of copying someone else’s business name. Keeping it unique will help you to make yourself stand out from others in your reader’s mind and establish a brand image.

Avoid hyphens in the domain name.

Having hyphens in a domain name is often associated as spam. So avoid using hyphens in the domain name to avoid your website being perceived as spam.

Avoid using double letters.

Do not opt for a domain name with repetition of letters, because such names are prone to errors in typing and thereby resulting in less traffic for your website.

Research your domain name.

Before you proceed on with the final step to get your domain name registered, conduct a trademark search to make sure that there is no other similar existing registered domain name.

Use domain name generators for clever ideas.

There are more than 360 million existing registered domain names. Finding a new one for your website is definitely a tough task. You can make use of domain name generators that have tools that automatically assist you in generating a unique and clever domain name depending on the keywords provided by you.

To conclude, we would suggest you to always keep in mind these small tips that can surely help you select a unique, simple, catchy and memorable domain name for your business. We hope that this article was worth reading and helpful in solving your problem of finding the best suitable domain name!

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