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How to Increase Engagement and Build Relationships with Social Media

Social media management refers to two-way communication between your business and your targeted audiences. Contrary to a simple like or repost of your online content, social media engagement refers to a more intense relationship with scope for advice, comments, and interactions on such platforms.

Such engagement is much more than just retaining customers, it is about indulging in a one-on-one conversation with the customer to start and build a healthy, trustworthy relationship. 

Comments are the highest form of engagement as it gives you the opportunity to interact with your customers and work on the areas of improvement. Leaving comments act as a better form of interaction, thus, qualifying as social media engagement. Here’s how you can increase your social media engagement and build long-lasting relationships:

1. Quality content:

It is up to you to create such content that helps your audience instantly connect to your brand story. Instead of advertising your products, focusing on what empowers your audience could be a better way to connect with them. Too much advertising can cause people to dislike your brand, the focus should be more on providing content that solves the customer’s problems. Even sharing user-generated content would prove beneficial like reviews and testimonials. 

2. Assess Audience Engagement:

Once you know what the audiences like, it is now time to measure their level of engagement through analytics. Such a study can help you monitor and understand what kind of content is favorable to you in terms of more comments, shares or likes. Once you found your scroll-stopper, waste no time and invest your time and effort on it. 

3. Indulge in Call-to-action:

This is essentially the next step in your social media engagement. Apart from posting valuable content for customers, you should also encourage them to indulge further. Examples for the same could be, when on Instagram people ask you to double tap if you like the post or ask leading questions like ‘what are your thoughts on’.

4. Engage Yourself:

At this point, you might have achieved a ball rolling content on your social media platform and instant CTAs. As important as these steps are in achieving a healthy relationship with their customers, it is important for you to engage with your followers manually. You have to take the time and effort to interact with your audiences on one on one basis through creative replies. Rather than a simple ‘thank you’, it is up to you to come up with interesting and engaging replies so as to show off your brand’s personality as well. Try asking questions and jazz the conversation with some emojis, polls, and GIFs.

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