How to Secure Your Information in The Cloud

How to Secure Your Information in The Cloud

With the world shifting online, more and more people are starting to use the cloud for storage. However, not knowing how to use something properly can end badly for you. You might not know how to properly protect your data in the cloud, and that is why it is critical to learn how to secure your information on the cloud. To make it easier, you can simply go with an enterprise data backup service.

Here’s what you need to know.


1. Use a service that encrypts

The first line of defense against online hackers is using a cloud service that encrypts your files on the computer itself. Encryption makes sure that nobody has access to your confidential information.


2. Make sure to read the user agreements

Always make sure to read the agreements before signing up with any service. It contains vital information on how they plan on accessing your data and has a list of the permissions. Make sure to understand every part of the agreement before you agree to it.


3. Go through your privacy settings

Whenever you sign up for a cloud service, make sure to go through the settings once. You will be able to check how much of information you are giving access to and what kind of data is being stored where. It is safe to check these every few weeks.


4. Use strong passwords

This is a step which is very basic yet very important for safety. It is recommended to have a strong password for all your accounts but especially when you are storing private information. Most of the attacks happen because of weak passwords.  Always have a mix of characters in your password and make it something a person cannot guess. Avoid using your date of birth as a password.


5. Two- factor authentication

If there is the option, always go for two factor authentication. This means that whoever tries to sign into your account will need other information apart from your password. It might be a question after your password or some sort of pattern. It might be the kinds that sends you an OTP to your number or email.


6. Avoid sharing personal and sensitive data

Refrain from storing personal or sensitive data on your cloud. If it falls into the wrong hands, it might land you in trouble. Don’t provide your date of birth or your mother’s date of birth because these are generally used as security questions. Don’t store sensitive photos about your business in the cloud either.


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