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How VoIP is Changing the Future of Business

Digital technology has revolutionized businesses both in terms of systems used as well as daily operations. The past two decades have seen VoIP (Voice over IP) come up as a replacement to PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). A growing number of businesses are going for VoIP to connect with their customers and suppliers.

How does VoIP operate?

VoIP is termed as the transmission of voice and multimedia content over an internet connection. It enables users to make voice calls from a computer, smartphones, and special VoIP phones. It is enabled by a group of technologies and methodologies used to deliver voice communications over the internet, including wide area networks or enterprise local area networks. The service converts the user’s voice from audio signals to digital data, and then sends it through the internet.

What is the size of the current VoIP market and what is being expected in the future?

The VoIP market had a size of over 20 billion at the end of 2018 and by 2025, many industry leaders are expecting a growth of nearly 12% which is about 35 billion dollars. This is a significant growth and it stands against the myth; “VoIP is about to die”.

With the path-breaking transformations in the broadband industry, VoIP has now changed to offer perfect call quality. VoIP services provide many advantages including simple installation, advanced performance, and trouble-free migration. VoIP also benefits to make businesses more goal-oriented, cooperative, and outgoing by offering a completely synthesized communications platform.

Flexible Working with VoIP

Since all the essentials for operating a VoIP service come via cloud, location is no longer an issue. In a traditional office set-up, software and hardware had to be placed on-site, but VoIP is based on software as a service, SaaS. It showcases no more complex on-site installations or strict contracts. This makes VoIP services an extremely flexible option, and a scalable one too. In an unpredictable time for many businesses, VoIP can be easily scaled up and down, according to need.

VoIP and Remote Working

With employees no longer tied to a single office space, their communication needs must be both reliable and agile. With VoIP, employees can operate with their own mobile devices, or use their computers. Therefore, they can be comfortable and fully network connected whether working from home, from some other location, or when they are on the go.

The Future of Mobile VoIP

When 5G technology comes to our lives, app usage like Google Voice and Skype will rise significantly. Even if it’s a domestic call, people tend to prefer these kinds of applications rather than the traditional communication means. So, a big jump of over 13% is being expected in the mobile VoIP market between 2019-2025.

Most businesses do not fully understand all the advantages and extra features that are included in a VoIP service. VoIP systems allow the business to connect various devices to keep the businesses’ productivity high. The services typically include features like contact lists, caller ID, voicemail, virtual numbers, etc., but these features can all be used in more complex ways to advance operational efficiency.

One of our favorite benefits of VoIP at SPARK Services is that IP phones are very easy to install, even for less technically savvy people. There is no need to have professionals running phone wiring throughout the office area. IP phones are virtually plug-and-play. Hosted VoIP software also makes it simple to add new users, and the web portal makes moving, adding, or changing the configuration of the system much easier.

VoIP has evolved to become a fully integrated communications system. It provides a unified but flexible solution to modern communications needs, whatever the structure of your working arrangements. At SPARK Services, we help you switch to a VoIP system, hassle-free. Watch your business advance as our team of experts help you move over to a profitable and reliable solution!