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5 Marketing Lessons Big Brands Can Teach Startups

5 Marketing Lessons Big Brands Can Teach Startups

Wondering how the big boys do it? How the big companies almost always come up with great marketing campaigns that just WOW the consumers? Well, you can have campaigns like that too, only if you learn what the big brands do.

Here are five marketing lessons which small businesses can learn from big businesses. It’s all in the small details!


1. Keep Creating Content

Big businesses create a lot of content. Content helps to promote visibility, shares your brand story, and also increases leads and conversions. Apart from this, the big brand constantly give people interesting information and a reason to stay connected with their brand for long. Content marketing is one of the top priorities for B2B companies!

Big businesses know the eminence and importance of content and that’s why they focus on the long term content creation.


2. Use Content to Increase Visibility

It is a simple fact that more content means more visibility.  You can build a strong audience and brand name by creating high quality and relevant content. Content creation is nothing difficult, just it need proper planning. Hiring a professional digital marketing agency is one of the best ways to tackle this.


3. Videos Are the Future of Content Marketing

Videos are the bread and butter of content marketers because they are now easier to create with the modern tools and they visually engage the consumers. But, for your video content to be powerful in your marketing strategy, you can’t just create content that gets popular. It must also influence people’s buying decisions.

In fact, big businesses are aware of video marketing’s influence, and they prioritize it above everything else. It increases the conversion rate on landing pages by about 80%. 


4. Indulge in Storytelling

Storytelling is the cornerstone of content marketing. To create engaging content, all you have to do is tell stories either about your brand or your products. Your stories must connect with the consumers!


5. Create a Hashtag Campaign

Hashtags are powerful. They enable people to come together for a common cause and stay united around the common ground.

They enhance brand awareness and also build a loyal customer base. If your hashtags are compelling enough then they can be used on any social media platform like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


One more thing to remember is to decide which marketing platforms to use if you want to get the desired results in minimal cost and time. For this, it’s best to consult a marketing professional as they will be aware of all the different marketing channels and can guide you with the best ones as per your goals and budget!

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