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Features of Microsoft Teams Integration with 3CX and How to Use It

Microsoft Teams is now essential for everyone. Whether in schools, courts, businesses, or big corporations, everyone needs a means to communicate during these challenging times, and Microsoft Teams has come to aid in such times. To add to this, 3CX Microsoft Teams integration only improves the features of Microsoft Teams. 3CX delivers a sweet and straightforward way to enhance the existing Teams users. The same makes it easier to access all the extras of a fully-featured enterprise telephone system.

The administrators of the existing Microsoft Teams can easily install and set up the software integration with the help of this article brought to you by SPARK Services.

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How to install?

One straightforward way to install the brilliant features offered by 3CX is to follow the following steps.

Step 1: Go to Calls Tab and Enter

  • An extension number to dial a user
  • A name to dial the user directly on Teams
  • An external contact number

Step 2: Once you have done the above, note that the call will be in progress. This is when you must select the “MORE” icon which will offer you a variety of features, including transfer, device settings, etc.

In these two simple steps, you can figure out the Features of Microsoft Teams integration with 3CX and how to use it.

The Microsoft Teams phone integration is a cost-effective alternative to a simple calling plan. Here are a few exciting features of the same:

Cheaper Calling Options

The 3CX also provides a great alternative to the simple Microsoft plans, which are pretty expensive. It allows the user to install a local SIP trunk carrier. This helps the user access preferential rates rather than constantly using Microsoft’s Plans.

Upgrades Existing Plans

It upgrades the Microsoft Teams Phone System to an enterprise-grade PBX. The 3CX does this in the background, which helps the user make tough calls and further supports various reporting functions.

Advanced Features

The 3CX software integration helps with several advanced contact center features requiring a more complex call flow. For example, if the 3CX integrated with Microsoft Teams is used for Direct Routing, a big business, corporation, school, etc., can achieve a simple interface for day-to-day management. Some of these advanced features include Queue call-back and position announcements, Agent Login, and Logout list, Queues, Advance usage reporting, Live chat, to name a few.

Multiple Participants

A 3CX will allow you to provide 25 and 250 simultaneous. One can also use it to integrate two systems.

Video Conferencing Functions

The 3CX video conferencing also allows quite a few different and exciting features, including quickly scheduled events, whiteboard, sharing of files, etc.

If you’d like to learn more about the 3CX phone system or its integration with Microsoft Teams, contact our VoIP experts at SPARK Services today for a consultation!