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SPARK Services – New York

Connecting local New York businesses with the latest in business phone systems technology

SPARK Services now has a new location in the New York! Located at 100 Wilkinson St Syracuse NY 13204
SPARK Services of Syracuse New York is helping local businesses connect the latest in business phone systems technology.

We service all of New York from this location including NYC and surrounding areas.

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Save over 50% with a VoIP-Enabled Business Phone System by 3CX

SPARK Services has been providing businesses with VoIP business phone systems and service since 2014. We’ve cross-compared and analyzed multiple VoIP systems that are currently available on the market, and have selected 3CX VoIP systems to provide our customers with the best rates and highest reliability.

SPARK Services is a 3CX Certified Titanium Partner and the largest 3CX partner by volume in the United States (as of mid-2016).

Affordable & Scalable

3CX makes integration scalable to your business. Pricing is based on simultaneous calls and not on the number of extensions, while the web-based management console can run in any modern browser or Mac or PC desktop clients.

Ease of Setup & Administration

Transfer calls, manage contacts, and configure admin settings using 3CX’s user-friendly dashboard. 3CX is entirely software based, so firmware and software updates can be made without the need for an IT background or specialist.

CRM Compatibility

You can easily integrate caller ID and call journaling of inbound and outbound calls with your 3CX system including favorite CRM applications such as SalesForce and Office 365.

Save over 50% with a VoIP-Enabled Business Phone System by 3CX

SPARK Services is a certified service provider and partner of 3CX, a software-based PBX that works with popular IP Phones, SIP trunks and Gateways.

If you are interested in saving 70% or more off your current business phone bill, or want to learn more about how SPARK Services can improve your bottom line, take the first step now and contact our team today.

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