13 Most Productive Things to Do on the Internet (That Make You Smarter)
Spark Services | 13 Most Productive Things to Do on the Internet (That Make You Smarter)

13 Most Productive Things to Do on the Internet (That Make You Smarter)

If you think that internet browsing is just a waste of time, well, then you must know that you have been browsing merely meaningless sites till now. Because the internet is full of productive websites as well!

Here are 13 most productive websites available on the internet which will help you train your brain, communication skills, and you might also find a lot of practical life hacks to enhance your daily life!

Here is the list of websites which you need to know:

1. www.vocabulary.com – This is the quickest, and most intelligent website which can help you enhance your vocabulary and that too in a fun way. If you are bored of those thick vocabulary books, then why not switch to the internet?!

2. www.coursera.org – Coursera is an education firm which associates the top universities and associations around the world to offer different online courses online most of which are free. You can take up any course which you like!

3. www.spreeder.com – This is a free online speed-reading software. Through this software, you can increase your reading speed and also enhance your comprehension skills.

4. www.lumosity.com – Here is a simple online tool which allows everyone to achieve the full potential of their brain. No matter what your age or educational background is, this software will make you can feel smarter, and sharper.

5. www.ted.com – Watch videos of the brilliant TED conferences which bring together the most fascinating thinkers and doers around the world. This can be a valuable addition to your browser bookmarks!

6. www.howtodothings.com – On this website, you can learn how to do anything with step-by-step instructions and guidelines.

7. www.freerice.com – This is a non-profit website which is run through the United Nations World Food Program. This website brings a vocab challenge which donates rice to the needy people with every single question which you answer right.

8. www.stumbleupon.com – It is a discovery engine which finds and recommends web content to you. Its also enables users to discover and rate web pages, photos, and videos which are personalized by using peer-sourcing and social-networking principles.

9. www.howstuffworks.com – An owned subsidiary of Discovery Communications, this is an assured source of trustworthy, impartial, and simple explanations about how certain things work. From car engines to search engines, and cell phones to stem cells, it has covered and answered every question of yours.

10. www.flipkart.com – Log on to this amazing online bookstore and find a new book to spend a good reading time.

11. www.goodreads.com – If you are an ardent bookworm, then explore this site for readers and get amazing book recommendations. You can also build your virtual bookshelf here for your good reads.

12. www.quora.com – Follow interesting people and get answers & useful insights regarding your questions from any field.

13. www.todayifoundout.com – Through this site, you can learn a few new and amazing facts every day.

Aren’t these productive websites a fantastic way to make your browsing time fun?

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