Data Safety: What to Learn from Facebook’s Data Leak
Spark Services | Data Safety: What to Learn from Facebook's Data Leak

Data Safety: What to Learn from Facebook’s Data Leak

The Facebook Data Leak that is in the news nowadays is an eye opener for everyone using social media. Personal data of almost 50+ million users was shared with a data analytics company without the users’ permission and the same was possibly used to influence the elections.

Even the biggest social media platform in the world which is used by millions of people is also not safe from the threat of data misuse. We should take a lesson from this. This data leak surely teaches us that data leak is not just harmful on the personal level but is also very problematic for any company.

Here we have listed a few points which you should remember to ensure safety for your customers’ data.

Data Encryption

Data encryption is not only limited to technocrats. Several modern tools make it easy for anyone to encrypt files and other personal and professional information. Consider using them for securing your online and offline data to ensure that the data cannot be misused even if someone steals it.

Make the old computers’ hard drives unreadable.

Ever heard about data recovery? Much of the personal information can be recovered from the old computing devices by using data recovery softwires. You should make the hard drives of your computers unreadable before disposing them off. It’s best to get professional help if you’re unsure how to do this.

Secure your wireless network at your home or business.

An essential tip for both the business owners and homeowners is to secure your wireless network with a password and also limit the physical access to the network router.

Doing this will help stop unauthorized access. If you prefer, go one step ahead and ‘hide the broadcasting of the wireless network’ so no stranger will ever discover it.

Do not store passwords on your laptop or mobile device.

Do not store any critical info on your laptop or mobile phone. The Ohio State University’s Office of the Chief Information Officer states that leaving such traces of valuable information with your computer or mobile phone can invite dangers of misuse.

The Facebook data leak has surely taught everyone a lesson. Data security on the personal and professional level is something every one of us should take seriously. Unless you are a data security expert yourself, it’s also recommended to take help from the experts. Experts know what needs to be done to tackle data security threats.

At SPARK Services, we offer enterprise data security services to help businesses in Muskogee keep their customers’ data safe. If you’re looking to make your data secure, call us today to talk to our experts and see how we can help!