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Why Small Businesses Should Switch To VoIP

Gone are the days when offices used traditional phones for communicating. With infrastructural and global development, a new Business Phone System- VoIP has come into existence, making communication easier.

VoIP or the ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol’ is a technology that allows you to communicate audibly over the phone using broadband Internet connection rather than traditional phone analogue systems. It works by converting sound into digital voice via Internet data plans.

Traditional phone communication has various obstacles, regardless of it being internal or external. The cost for long distance calling is too high, or sometimes the voice does not come through clearly. Thus, it is a time your small business should switch to a VoIP business phone system.

If you run a business, particularly a small business, here’s why investing in VoIP business phone system could be a right move for you.

1. It is cost effective.

  • When you switch to VoIP, you do not have to install new phone lines for your business.
  • Most features in traditional phones charge you extra for different services, which won’t be the case with VoIP.
  • Your long distance calling cost will reduce drastically.

2. It is flexible.

  • It is mobile: By this, we mean that you can move around along with your calling device wherever there is a high-speed Internet connection. This is a fantastic feature for those who have to travel often or work remotely.
  • Using computer instead of a phone: VoIP also allows you to use computers or laptops with headphone or microphone unit to make or receive phone calls, not limiting you to a phone.

3. It features call forwarding.

In case you cannot answer or call due to some reason, your VoIP number can be configured to be automatically forwarded to an office cell phone or landline number. It works exactly like how standard call forwarding works. Your phone will ring for a first few times after which it will get forwarded to another specific number. It will also simultaneously drop a voice mail to your number.

4. It gives way to virtual phone numbers.

With VoIP, you can get your number assigned to any area code and not just the location of your business. In simple terms, if your business runs in various states, you will be able to assign a local number for your customers from that local area. So your phone number can have Florida area code- even though your office is in Oklahoma.

5. It is easily manageable and scalable.

When you have additions to the number of employees or offices, you will be easily able to make changes in the VoIP system, without needing any help from professionals. You can update the system or make additions in the number of users without replacing its hardware!

Thus, if you haven’t already made a switch to VoIP, it is time you do so. If you have any doubts regarding VoIP systems or would like to get started with yours, you can get in touch with us on our toll-free number (888) 223-1094!