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Replaced with the BG-PS60




– 4 Dedicated microphone inputs (XLR connectors)
– 1 Selectable MIC/TEL input
– 1 Selectable MIC/AUX input
– 1 Dedicated AUX input
– 4-Ohm direct output
– 8-Ohm, 25V, 25VCT, and 70V transformer-coupled outputs
– 35W, 60W, 100W, 150W, and 250W models
– Rack mountable– 2RU package for all models
– Dual-function 10-band graphic equalizer (Acoustic EQ/Feedback Control)
– True loudness contour function
– Audio Enhancement feature for improved intelligibility
– Switchable phantom power (15V DC)
– Variable AUX input muting
– Remote master volume control capability
– Input muting via contact on all inputs
– Voice-activated AUX muting on TEL input
– Automatic level control on TEL input
– AUX fade back after TEL page
– Preamp out/Power amp in connections
– Booster amp output connection
– Tape output connection
– Balanced line driver output (using WMT1A accessory)
– Lo-cut filter for MIC channels
– Available tamper-resistant cover (GSTRC)
– Available rack mounting kit (GSRPK)
– Available remote volume control (GSRVC)


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