Find Your Opportunity: Top 5 Business Industries Growing In Oklahoma
Spark Services | Find Your Opportunity: Top 5 Business Industries Growing In Oklahoma

Find Your Opportunity: Top 5 Business Industries Growing In Oklahoma

Oklahoma is continuously advancing and growing through the economic recovery period.

While the growth on a macro level is causing all sectors to grow, several industries in Oklahoma are building and leading the way. The Oklahoma Department Of Commerce has identified a few such economic areas that are the most active wealth generating industries. These have huge growth potential, high turnover and a definite goal as compared to other industries.

So today we’re going to look at the top five business industries that are surfing the market, in which you too can invest.

1. Energy

Around a quarter of people from Oklahoma are directly or indirectly employed in the energy industry. It is natural gas and oil industries that maintain a commanding lead in providing employment growth in the energy sector. These two energy sectors provide as much as 20% of the jobs.

Wind energy, however, has begun to make a visibly strong impact on the economy. There are around two dozen wind farms in the state, which employ 4,000 people approximately. It contributes $340 million labor income.

2. Information Technology and Finance

Oklahoma has a whopping 70-plus data centers catering to IT as lifelines for companies like ADP, Google, and IBM. Oklahoma City has 400 companies that employ around 30,000 people in various sectors like IT, software development, High Technology, etc.

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3. Transportation and Distribution

The commercial shipping of steel and other minerals flows along the McClellan Kerr River Navigation System in Oklahoma. It runs southeast through the state into Arkansas, providing access to Mississippi River. Two railroads, three interstate highways, and five airports rise advantages to the state regarding transportation and distribution.

4. Agriculture and Bioscience

Agriculture has always been an important industry for Oklahoma. Apart from food manufacturing, the state also offers career and services in research and development, fertilizer manufacturing, commodity production, and distribution. The state has more than 500 bioscience-related businesses and organizations. The total economic impact is more than $6.7 billion!

Agriculture and biosciences today receive extra support from Educational resources like Institute for Agricultural Bioscience at Oklahoma State University, which has a 33, 000 sq.ft. research facility.

5. Aerospace and Defense

Oklahoma City is home to the world’s largest aircraft-maintenance complex and military aviation logistics center. Tinker Air Force Base employs 26,00 military and civilian personnel. This industry is set to grow big considering the ever-increasing defense spending.

Oklahoma is constantly developing. If you want to be a part of the massive progress, get started today. These 5 sectors can help you pinpoint your efforts.

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