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Top 5 Types Of Digital Marketing Campaigns

Top 5 Types Of Digital Marketing Campaigns

A digital marketing campaign is a detailed, step-by-step plan to meet your online marketing goals. These goals are made to achieve more and more results like new customers, higher conversion rates and enhanced brand image.

Here, we’ll explore 5 different types of digital marketing campaigns, and understand their purpose, benefits, and best practices. Read on to get started!


1. Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social media is now an inherent part of our everyday lives. Every business needs to be active on social media in order to reach out to prospects locally and glocally.
To take full advantage of the various social media channels, your brand needs to engage authentically and build higher credibility. This leads to loyalty and trust among your followers, who will then get converted to customers.

What you need to know:

  • Social media campaigns increase your reach to potential customers.
  • By posting insightful, and attractive content on social media, you will increase viewer engagement.
  • Social media helps in building a strong brand image and awareness.
  • Social media helps you to gather a lot of data about your audience by monitoring the discussions.  
  • Social media can also be used as an amazing market research tool. With keen social monitoring, you can spot your ideal customers who are talking to each other about their needs, requirements, and choices.

2. Content Marketing Campaigns

A content marketing campaign can help you attract the right audience at the right time, naturally. It is all about delivering useful, helpful content to your target audience. Your content should solve or answer some common problems and questions. Through this, your brand will gain a reputation as a source of niche expertise, thought leadership and expertise in your industry.
What you need to know:

  • You can pose as an expert, well-versed brand from your industry.
  • When you teach your prospects how to do something, or unlock some hidden insights, you are clearly earning their trust. Also, you build up your brand as an authoritative source of specific knowledge.
  • You can capture new leads.
  • With marketing with content, you can subtly endorse your brand and your products without appearing too ‘salesy‘.
  • Your content is available to the readers anytime they need, this brings in elevated loyalty and a fixed readers base.

3. Off-Page SEO Campaign  

On-page SEO involves everything that your audience can see on your website. And then there’s an off-page SEO campaign, which is similarly important.
Off-page is all about having your content come out on the right places, which builds up goodwill with the big search engines. If you are successful with the off-page SEO campaign, then your digital properties will have an ever-increasing chance of being found, by readers and search algorithms.

What you need to know:

  • You can create a self-sustaining PR engine which puts direct digital media spotlight on your company.  
  • By engaging in a good off-page SEO campaign, you can also encourage content creators and journalists to spread the word about you. This will obviously increase your brand’s search rankings and public reach.
  • You will earn even more credibility for your brand.  
  • You get to edge over the online competition.  

4.   Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are probably best way to get in forefront of your prospects and customers repeatedly, and with their consent.
Marketers who leverage the skill of running successful and high-quality email campaigns can set a stage for strong network and lead generation, sales, and enduring customer relationships.
What you need to know:

  • Through email marketing, you will always stay at the “top of mind” in your leads’ or customers’ lives.  
  • As your leads and customers keep on checking email constantly, relevant emails are an amazing way to keep your brand on their minds.
  • You can nurture leads to convert them to buyers.  
  • If you successfully execute your email sequence, then your leads will increase and can also grow up to the level of conversion.  


5. Omnichannel Marketing Campaign

Your customers tend to consume content everywhere online. They can also access content from different devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. So to reach all of them, your brand needs to adopt an omnichannel meaning “every channel” outreach. An omnichannel campaign is a mixture of any or all the above-given campaign types. This can yield huge returns in the form of brand awareness, customer loyalty, new sales, etc.
What you need to know:

  • You will get the benefits of all the different marketing platforms .  
  • The omnichannel approach makes it easier to attract, and convert leads at any given time.
  • Your brand will come off as more “established”.  

Older, bigger companies generally build a presence on multiple marketing channels only after some time. However, by launching an omnichannel campaign right now, you can quickly create the impression that you are serious about your business!

At SPARKS Services, we’re a team of specialized digital marketing professionals who can help you run all these digital marketing campaigns and more to help your brand succeed only. All you have to do is call us for a free consultation!

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