Top 7 Advantages of Structured Cabling Solutions
Spark Services | Top 7 Advantages of Structured Cabling Solutions

Top 7 Advantages of Structured Cabling Solutions

Structured cabling refers to a network of wires, cables, and other hardware that seamlessly connects your company’s communications system. A structured cabling system is highly recommended as it is tidier and infinitely more organized than the conventional point-to-point cabling system. Visit almost any modern facility – be it a data center, apartment complex, multi-use building, large office, or sometimes homes and residential construction – and there, behind the concrete walls, is a network of wiring and cables working behind the scenes to keep communications going. 

They support a building’s telecommunications and phone lines. They transfer information across computer systems. They connect individual offices and rooms to fiber-optic networks. They make audio-visual communication happen. And they do it all with fewer interruptions and less downtime than an ad hoc network. Structured cabling is very crucial for seamless communication and networking. In short, it’s the most vital networking tool you’ve never heard of. 

If that isn’t enough to convince you to switch to a structured cabling system, we have listed below the top 7 advantages of structured cabling solutions. Sit back, relax, and let us take you on a tour through the basics of structured cabling networks. 

1. Highly Economical

Incorporating a structured data cabling solution will prove to be a highly economical alternative for your company as not only is it extremely flexible but it also has the capacity to take on all the taxing demands that your business might make on it.

2. Extremely Easy and Uncomplicated

Not only is a structured cabling system extremely efficient and organized, but it is also very easy and uncomplicated. This is because having one properly organized system to run IT equipment and various other devices is a lot simpler and easier to manage than having numerous wiring systems installed. Additionally, a precisely engineered and installed structured cabling system will require little maintenance, freeing up staff to work on applications and projects. 

3. Structured Cabling is Easy to Scale

Owing to how tidily they’re organized and packed away, structured cabling is super easy to scale, which is a big blessing when you need to include new technology or machines to your IT infrastructure. 

The design consistency decreases management oversight. Any certified structured cabling installer can come in, any time in the future, and undertake adjustments to the network. This way you’ll fetch uniform documentation. 

4. Higher Aesthetic Appeal

Neat and tidy is the way to go in order to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your office environment. Not to mention, there is nothing like a neat and organized office to make a good impression on your clients. No mess, no stress!

5. Speedy Redressal & Resolution of Issues

Incorporating a structured cabling system in your office workspace or place of business is a great way of ensuring that all the incidental technological problems that might crop up in the future can be addressed and resolved quickly and efficiently, without having to waste too much time.

6. Works with the Internet of Things

The connection of any device, such as a smartphone or a smart car to the internet is referred to as the Internet of Things. As the usage of IoT-enabled devices is becoming increasingly prevalent, it only makes sense to get a structured cabling infrastructure that can be seamlessly integrated with IoT in order to enjoy better cyber-security and energy management. This also helps with the automation of important business operations.

7. Support Application & Equipment

With modern structured cabling systems, what used to be tedious, confusing and in some situations an ugly eyesore can be transformed into a showcase of organization and a valuable asset. If your business goes through a rapid growth and adds applications such as audio-video enhancements or video conferencing, it can be simply done with minimal interruptions. Structured cabling systems are adaptable and scalable to the growing needs of business. New technologies can be easily and cost-effectively added. 

The major key to structured cabling is that it places your business to take on the challenges of an emerging era of telecommunications. Are you looking to incorporate a structured cabling system in your office space or place of business? Well, look no further. SPARK Services is here to help you with all your computer, web, and voice needs. Here at SPARK Services, for instance, our installers work with customers to adapt the design so it fits the site’s architecture and the network’s purpose.

We reconfigure it to suit the kinds of end-use equipment destined for that space. We also take into account the particular requirements suggested by the clients as well as the manufacturer’s guidelines and warranties of each product. Reach out to us today for any web concerns and queries you might have. We always leave room for future growth and expansion. In the end, each area has a unique cabled network designed to take its business into the future – wherever that future may lead.

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