Flame & Ember APN Update

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1. Connect to your modem via WIFI or ethernet cable 3. Enter your default gateway into a web browser this will likely be ether or 4. enter the…

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Torch APN Update

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AT&T has made some changes to the service. It is still unlimited however, we do need to make some changes to your modem. We can't do them remotely so we…

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Bonfire APN Update

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The steps are below. If you need assistance please feel free to call the office and we will be more than happy to help you. 918--608-8888 Step 1. Connect your…

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How do I get my IMEI

To find the IMEI follow these instructions. Step one: make sure you are on a device (laptop, computer, phone) that is connected to YOUR spark network. Step two: Open an…

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Is there tech support?

YES. Mon-Fri 9-6 CST. There is limited support on the internet as it works off of the cell towers. If the tower goes down your internet will go down and…

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