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10 VoIP Features That Can Benefit For Your Small Business

Many businesses are switching over to VoIP business phone systems. The reason is that they have plenty of advantages in using these devices. However, several small companies are still overlooking some of the most valuable VoIP features.
Beyond the usual features like voicemail, call waiting, toll-free numbers, call forwarding, and remote operation, here are a host of other VoIP features which can be helpful for your small business!

1. Door Phone Entry Buzzer Integration

This feature enables you to assimilate an analogue door phone and have a two-way call with visitors, and then unlock the office door only if you find them worthy. This is a great way of upgrading the security of your workplace.

2. Routing

Mobile workers can take advantage of this VoIP feature to the fullest. The call routing feature allows you to create a list where you can be found before pushing the call to the voicemail. This feature is excellent for those who are trying to build their enterprise and are indulged in a lot of mobile communication.

3. Transcription

Voicemail to email transcription records your messages on voicemail and sends them to a preferred email. With this, you don’t have to worry about scribbling names, numbers, and addresses on the notepad. You can take your time and read them in your email. This VoIP feature also allows you to organize, delete, and search all your voicemails promptly.

4. On-hold Music

If your company often must put callers on hold, then do not subject them to the loud elevator music. Through this VoIP feature, you can now choose what your callers should listen during the hold.

5. Bandwidth Utilization, Call Detail Reports

Data tracking is necessary to figure out the direction of your company’s time and energy. A managed, cloud-based VoIP service may provide you with the bandwidth utilization information which enables you to view data usage in a specific time. Through the inbound and outbound call detail reports, you may view the details of your call history, rate centers, duration, originator, and cost.

6. Call Screening

Call screening is many times a neglected VoIP feature. It enables you to look at a number and then choose how to respond to it. For example, in case your spouse is calling, then you can redirect the call to your personal mobile.

7. VoIP Coaching Tools

Instead of giving your employees advice after hanging up the phone with the clients, you may give them advice during the call. Two VoIP features namely; barge, and whisper can enhance your employee conversation during the call.  Barge allows you to listen to the conversation between an employee and your client without interruption. And, the whisper feature allows you to give advice, tips, and information to your employees regarding the communication with your clients without making the client aware.

8. Automated Attendant

An auto attendant is one of the hidden yet amazing VoIP features. This feature allows business callers to interact with a menu and pick an appropriate extension. With this feature, your business will be perceived as more professional. This may work as your electronic receptionist!

9. Call Conferencing Feature

Most business owners are aware of conferencing yet not everyone takes its advantage. By using this feature, you can manage invitations, or muting individuals, etc. Also, online conferences may get messy and confusing without the right kind of management. So use this VoIP feature wisely and get your conference calls done well!

10. Do Not Disturb Feature

Through this VoIP feature, you can temporarily stop incoming calls on your phone. This feature also comes to the rescue during conferences, lunches, and meetings. You can also program it so that you can ignore the callers and direct them to the voicemail or any other destination.

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