Welcoming SPARK’s New National Sales Director, Sheryl M. McCoy
Spark Services | Welcoming SPARK’s New National Sales Director, Sheryl M. McCoy

Welcoming SPARK’s New National Sales Director, Sheryl M. McCoy

SPARK Services is nothing but an ocean of opportunities, providing quality services to all our customers using the most modern technology available. We have a dedicated, resilient and customer-friendly approach towards catering to your IT services’ needs. Our foundation is based on innovation that constantly motivates our team of experts to outdo themselves in terms of customer satisfaction. We offer the very best technical and web-based services to our customers in Muskogee and beyond.

Right from the beginning, our aim has been to provide our clients with facilities in networking, web design and computer-related services, with our prime focus on dependability, customer service, trust, and honesty. Once we started, we went on to broaden our business to web hosting, domain services, social media marketing and web services of all kinds to guide individuals, businesspeople, and newcomers with their overall development and growth.

We make this happen, courtesy of our very efficient and professional team of experts, masters in their own fields, who have dedicated their time and efforts to fulfill your demands.

We’re proud to say that SPARK Services is growing and recently we’ve had some amazing people join our team. One of the notable recent appointments has been of our new National Sales Director. Mrs. Sheryl M. McCoy and we are so pleased to welcome her into our family!

About our new National Sales Director, Mrs. Sheryl Macoubrie McCoy

As a native to Oklahoma, Sheryl graduated from Will Rogers High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma and attended Oklahoma State University for two years.  She completed her Bachelor of Science Degree at the University of Texas at Dallas with majors in Special Education and Psychology.

Sheryl has a proven track record as an executive manager with strengths in building new sales and marketing divisions from zero revenue to multimillion-dollar sales productivity.  She has over thirty years of demonstrated success in leadership of sales, services and marketing organizations, ranging from new ventures to Fortune 500 companies.  She previously worked at Pinnacle Telecom, Fidelity Communications, MBO Networks, MCI and AT&T Information Systems to name a few before joining us at SPARK Services as the National Sales Director.

When asked about why she decided to join SPARK, she mentioned, “Robert Allen and I had our first contact when one of my customers had a need for a product that SPARK Services could provide.  I introduced SPARK to my customer to assist with the project, and the customer was very pleased with the competitive bid and excellent work performed by their technician, Mike Vossekuil.  I later had an opportunity to work with Robert when he was seeking a service my employer could provide.  After several meetings, Robert invited me to be his guest at Rotary where he was serving as President.  I believe we developed a mutual respect through these business and community activities, and our work ethic appeared closely aligned.  A year later when Robert invited me to join his team, I was very pleased to accept his offer.”

One of her passions is to develop partnerships and alliances, helping companies find new ways to engage in opportunities to grow business together. Her vision joining the SPARK team is continue those practices that have made SPARK so successful today while pursuing new opportunities for growth through strategic relationships in the marketplace.

While describing her role models who have inspired her, she added “My role models have been those who inspire me to be the best and do the best I can; to look within as well as without.  It is those who have encouraged me to grow in faith and wisdom, to be diligent, persistent, consistent, empathetic and compassionate, while being strong yet gentle. Those people include teachers, pastors, family, friends, fellow employees and world leaders. It is difficult for me to select anyone of these as the prime role model.  They have all contributed to the person I am today.  I am so humbled by their love and willingness to give me direction just at the times I have needed it.  I believe my faith in God has molded many of my values, and my parents were a great influence in this regard.”  She added that she is blessed with strong family ties and grew up in a less convoluted time as compared to today.  This allowed her to focus more on what would later be the most important issues in life.

Sheryl lives by her favorite quote “Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.” by Charles Swindoll.  She believes in maintaining a positive outlook at any given situation and tends to find the best way out of it.  She loves new challenges and interacting with clients who have a variety of business needs.

We at SPARK Services extend our warm welcome to Sheryl and look forward to working with her and sharing an enriching experience for the times to come!