Why Is My Computer Slow? Top 4 Reasons

Why Is My Computer Slow? Top 4 Reasons

Your computer might slow down in operation for a wide variety of reasons, but most of those things boil down to one specific thing, and that’s you using them. As you probably download and install a lot of programs, extensions, surf the internet, create files and fill your hard drive with a wide range of things such as movies and pictures, you tend to accumulate elements that could impact the overall performance of your personal computer.

So, if you have been observing that your computer is slow in operation and performance, here are some common factors responsible for the slowing down of your computer.


1. Insufficient Hard Drive Space

Whenever you build up files on your mechanical hard drive, the computer tends to slow down in operation specifically if you have filled your hard drives up to 90% with lots of pictures, movies, or design works. In such cases, the capability of your computer will be significantly reduced. In order to solve this, you can upgrade your hard drive or even get an SSD drive installed. This will make it last longer.


2. Sharing an Internet Connection

If you observe that local applications run smoothly and only the internet is slow, the problem lies in your internet connection. Whenever you share the internet connection with other people, for instance, people in your neighborhood, those people may be hogging bandwidth. In order to solve this, you should visit the nearest internet provider to obtain the ideal speed package that’s appropriate for your needs.


3. Viruses and Malware

If it’s not a virus, it could still be a virus. Viruses, malware, and spyware could significantly slow down or contribute to the slow-down in the performance of your computer. From hijacking your browser to pushing adverts or phishing sites, viruses do a lot of harm on the overall performance of your computer. In order to fix this, you can take a backup of your important files and reset your computer. You can also opt for a clean off of viruses and malware. After this, you can install the right antivirus software that will prevent your computer from further virus attacks.


4. Not Enough RAM

Random Access Memory often shorted as RAM is what your computer uses for both thinking and working. If you are the type that runs a lot of programs simultaneously, your computer may not have a sufficient RAM to multi-task. In order to fix this, you need to opt for an upgrade in your RAM. With this, you’ll have more to work with, and the performance of your computer will be boosted.


By understanding the above causes that slow down your computer, you’re sure to find ways to improve its speed. If you still face issues, it’s best to get in touch with a professional.

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