Why You Need a Dedicated Hosting Server for Your Website

Why You Need a Dedicated Hosting Server for Your Website

Business or personal computers connected on a network in a peer-to-peer fashion might function well when the number of interconnected users ranges from 2 to 3. If the number of users exceeds the aforementioned range, you must consider setting up a server to meeet all your online business requirements.

A server-based network has various benefits that are tailor-made for small businesses. Servers are a crucial part of any company’s growth strategy. After all, your business depends on a lot of elements for its success. Some of those assets are internal, like stocking the right products and hiring the finest people. You also depend on external services, such as those supplied by corporate partnerships and public utilities.

Let’s take a sneak peek at a few of them without further ado. Here are the top reasons why small businesses must introduce a dedicated server.

Manages Spam and Viruses

One of the major threats faced by any network is a possible spyware infection or a virus. Hence, an antivirus system is an absolute necessity these days. A server system can help a lot in the process of virus management. The system administrator will be able to deploy antivirus software from a single PC to each workstation PC connected on the network, run a network-wide scan and remove all sorts of viruses if any. Thanks to the compact server system, the whole virus management process can be done from a single PC itself.

Central File Repository and Document Sharing

Loss of data occurs commonly in workplaces for numerous reasons ranging from carelessness to machine failures. These situations can create massive issues, especially when the workplace functions in the absence of a server. A server can be considered a blessing in this aspect because it helps in smoothening up the data backup process. Your business will be able to back up all the data including emails to centralized storage on the server and eliminate all the hassles associated with data loss, thereby improving workplace productivity at the same time.

Faster Growth

With a server in place, adding new staff and computers can be easily automated. Creating network share mappings, adding email addresses, installing antivirus, installing printers, setting up a facility to fax straight from within the Word – all this can be done effortlessly.

Advanced Security and Reliability

This can be considered as one of the best and most crucial benefits of a server. By creating distinguished accounts, rights can be assigned to users based on the nature and amount of data they can access on the basis of their requirements. This can bring down and authorize data access to a great extent and can offer your network additional security that you have craved for in the past.

  • Hosting databases
  • Print and mail serving
  • Systemwide backups and administration

Unlike regular computers, servers are designed to be 24/7 workhorses, always available to connect your people to the software and shared resources they require to get their work done. Some businesses choose to use cloud-based servers. These servers are located with a third-party cloud company and are paid for as per the usage.

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