Your Slow Computer Is Certainly Affecting Your Health

Your Slow Computer Is Certainly Affecting Your Health

We all know that computers make our lives easier. However, we must consider that using these computers can lead to a large number of detrimental effects on human health. We all depend on our computers to work efficiently, and thus a slow computer can definitely hamper our performance.

It is estimated that adults waste 16 minutes minimum in a day waiting for a slow computer to start functioning, leading to 4.1 days in a year. Waiting for a slow computer is often frustrating, irritating, and decreases the patience levels in humans. Below are the reasons how these slow computers can certainly be life killing and how you must get rid of the problem altogether.

Use It with Regular Breaks in Between

Taking breaks in between computer usage is very important for your health as well as to increase productivity. The main reason behind this caution is to prevent eyestrain. Staring at the computer for longer periods may lead to blood flow issues, which are definitely not good for health. It causes fatigue, chronic stress, and cognitive impairment. It is always advised to prevent excessive overtime on the computer.


Constant Strain on Continuous Sitting

Sitting for long periods of time is definitely a serious health risk that severely affects blood circulation, which can cause steady stress to the spine. It is the major reason for weight gain or diabetes or heart disease or cancer or even a shortened life span. Thus, it is always advised to take frequent breaks in between work or walk around and stretch during breaks and also exercise before or after work. Employees should get a standing desk and spend time standing upright.


An Utter Waste of Time

Slow computers are detrimental to the social life of people. In this fast-paced world of the modern era, it is always a bad idea to harbor a computer which is very slow in its operations. The time which gets wasted can be utilized in various productive activities like aerobics, which is really good for health. Computer radiation is also a factor that needs to be kept in mind as that is also detrimental leading to various fertility issues, DNA fragmentation, or even cancer problems.

Remedies Available

The following are the remedies that are available against the damages that can be caused due to slow computer constraints:

  1. Download anti-virus to prevent slow computers
  2. Get it checked monthly at the computer work station
  3. Backup vital data regularly.


Slow computers are one of the reasons for wasting time in the lives of humans in which they can cover a lot of productive things. The only means of enjoying a fast computer is by cleaning and decluttering the software you use and install an efficiently operating system and browser. In case of excess information, it is always better to store it on the cloud or even on an external hard disk if that is an option. Data availability is very important for any performance. Hence, an effect of the data availability might create huge problems for work and business.

So data backups should be followed to prevent slowing computers and also maintain good business!

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