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5 Easy Ways To Maintain Your Laptop

5 Easy Ways To Maintain Your Laptop

Laptops are more likely to get damaged as compared to a desktop PC. And once damaged, its repairing becomes a lot more expensive and time-consuming.

So why not take initial care to avoid the possibility of laptop damage? To help you out, here are some ways to maintain the good condition of your laptop and avoid any damage!

1. Retain the coolness of battery.

Nowadays, lithium batteries tend to wear out no matter what you do, but you can increase its life if you avoid overheating and overusing the battery. For this, you can shut down or hibernate your laptop after certain durations, or remove the battery for a while.This will give the battery some time to cool down and will increase it’s durability.

2. Be careful while eating and drinking near your laptop. 

If you spill your coffee, juice, or water on your laptop, you might have to spend $15 on a generic replacement or this can even short out the motherboard. So be careful while working in cafes, in your bed or on dining tables. You must place your coffee mugs and juice glasses away from the laptop to avoid any accidents. Also if you have kids playing around the device, you need to keep them away too!

3. When at home, use it like a desktop.

While working on your home desk, you can plug in a full-sized monitor, keyboard, and mouse. This will protect your laptop from falling down and will also help you to create a neat set up to give you desk an organized look!

4. Find the correct laptop case. 

Before taking it on the road, you need to pack the laptop properly. This depends on your carrying preferences. So, look for a carrying case, backpack, or shoulder bag which has a padded section designed especially for a laptop. (I use a backpack because the even distribution of weight is better for my spine.)

5. Clean your keyboard properly. 

When keys start sticking and seem hard to click, it is time to clean your laptop properly. For this, you must first shut down the PC, then open it and turn upside down while gently tapping it on the back so that tiny crumbs can fall out. Thereafter, use a can of compressed air to blow out whatever is stuck inside the keys. Also, make sure you handle the laptop gently and avoid any panic which might lead to damage.

Hope these 5 easy tips will help you in maintaining your laptop in a good condition; however, in case your laptop faces a serious problem, you need a professional expert who can fix your laptop and make it work again.

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