You are currently viewing Dedicated vs. VPS hosting: Which One is Better for Blogging?

Web hosting comes along in a few key flavors. While many web hosts may market various types of hosting, these are more purpose-built. The main kinds of web hosting are shared, Virtual Private Server (VPS), Cloud, and Dedicated Servers. 

Each of these types of web hosting is defined by distinguishing characteristics. In this article, we will explore the differences and recommend the appropriate one for blogging.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

A dedicated server is an entire server that is reserved for your use. You get all of the resources available on that machine – and a dedicated server typically gives you lots of resources. With a dedicated server, you get more disk space. You’ll have root access and can configure the hosting environment any way you want. 

With this great freedom comes some responsibility: You’ll need a dedicated webmaster who can keep tabs on your sites to ensure they’re secure, backed up and updated regularly, and working properly.

Why would you need Dedicated Hosting? 

  • You need more resources than you can access on a shared Hosting plan – for example, if you run a big eCommerce site, have tons of media to load, and need pages to load as fast as possible.
  • Your business requires storage space for many emails, for instance, if you practice law or run a customer service business.
  • You’re ready to expand your reseller business so you can host many sites and manage their resource allocation.
  • You have the budget for a dedicated server.

What is VPS Hosting?

A virtual private server (VPS) is your private section of a physical server, with that portion of the server’s resources dedicated to you. You’ll have root access and the freedom to install features that aren’t offered on typical shared and reseller hosting plans, so you can do more custom configurations than you can on a standard shared hosting plan. And, of course, VPS comes at a higher price than shared Hosting.

Why is it good?

  • Specialized software that’s not available on a shared hosting plan
  • A sandbox environment for design and testing
  • Root access without the expense of a dedicated server
  • Does not get affected by other websites’ traffic

Difference between Dedicated Hosting and VPS Hosting

The main difference between a VPS and Dedicated Hosting is the resources and flexibility that each of them offers. As mentioned above, Dedicated Hosting offers you full control over the entire server. Thus, you are free to limit resources, install firewalls, add as many websites as the server can handle, etc. Furthermore, Dedicated Hosting is the perfect home for websites with huge monthly incoming traffic and need stable Hosting for their business. However, there is a downside to having dedicated Hosting. It would help if you had a full-time team to maintain and optimize the server.

The Ideal one for Blogging 

Because both VPS and dedicated Hosting are so versatile, there are a few levels of consideration to work along when it comes to the question of who should be using what. For instance, the volume of traffic, nature of deployment, and even technical competency. 

In general, VPS hosting would be better for websites with medium to high web traffic levels. It is also suitable for reasonable use in web application deployment and small to medium eCommerce deployments. On the other hand, dedicated Hosting is more suitable for websites with heavy volumes of web traffic or those that handle more mission-critical deployments. It is also better for use in large-volume eCommerce sites or where there are specific needs like meeting regulatory guidelines.

The most advanced plan isn’t always the best option – your decision should be based on the needs of your website. For booming websites that bring in a steady income, however, dedicated Hosting can be an investment well worthmaking.

Your hosting plan will form the foundation for your website. Although it’s a solid option for many starter sites, likely, you’ll eventually outgrow shared Hosting. When that time comes, it’s important to have an upgrade option ready. VPS and dedicated Hosting are your two main choices for a more robust plan. 

Simply put, VPS hosting plans are best suited to medium-sized websites beginning to experience significant growth. On the other hand, dedicated Hosting is a strong fit for well-established businesses that require a lot of resources and high levels of security.Do you have any further questions about VPS or Dedicated Hosting? Then, connect with SPARK Services for help, and we’ll make sure to offer our best services to you!