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Since the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to the growth in online shopping, all the related businesses are also experiencing sizeable growth. The shipping and delivery business is one of those businesses that have seen a boom in recent times. The use of technology in today’s world is a must for every competitive business.
Talking of the shipping industry, they can use cloud communications to meet customer expectations.

This blog explains the ways in which cloud communications can support the shipping industry, particularly where customers want instant information and updates about their orders.

1. Keep Your Customers Updated by Establishing Their Communication Preferences
We all eagerly await the arrival of our packages. Customers expect regular communication and updates from businesses when they place an order. Not adhering to this can lead to trust issues between businesses and customers.

You can keep track of your customer’s package from order to delivery by using cloud communications. In addition, you can update customers on their order status by saving their preferred method of contact.

2. Direct Customers to the Right Department by Using IVR Systems
Shipping companies usually have separate departments for those who are sending packages and distinct departments for customers who are receiving a package. In this case, you can point customers in the right direction by using the IVR system.

While using a cloud communication system, you can pair it with a smart IVR to route your clients to the relevant department through voice or keypad inputs. Then, they will be connected to an agent appropriate to answer their query.

3. Collaborate Across Warehouses and Teams to Ensure Parcels Arrive on Time
Cloud communication solutions enable easy and free external and internal communication—whether within departments, teams, or with customers and vendors. So, for example, when staff in one warehouse faces an issue, they can immediately inform the other branches of any possible delays.

This type of collaboration indicates that, in the case of a significant delay, your marketing team can swiftly update the applicable information on your website and modify delivery times accordingly.

4. Keep in Touch with On-Duty Drivers
The nature of shipping companies indicates that drivers and other staff will frequently be on the move. But this doesn’t mean that they are unreachable during transit. While they have a stable Internet connection, they will be connected with your business through cloud communications.

If a customer calls for an update on late delivery, support agents can quickly contact delivery agents for updates, and this update can then be communicated to customers.

5. When Things Go Wrong, Communicate Openly
Having a customer service team is crucial for shipping companies to gain the trust of their customers. If the company loses parcels, the clients will get frustrated if there’s no point of contact for them to follow up with.

Cloud communications allow your customer support team to inform customers if anything goes wrong. Also, they can upsell products and services and answer customer queries.

6. Give Customers Real-Time Updates by Using Instant Messaging
Another benefit of cloud communication is the ability to use instant messaging as a component of your customer service strategy. For example, your agents can immediately update customers on their deliveries since they receive these instant messages in real time.

This nullifies the need for long call queues, keeps the lines free for other more complex questions, and also saves both the agent’s and customer’s time.

7. Keep Detailed Customer Information within Your Phone System
Standing out from the competition is quite difficult since many shipping companies are functioning worldwide. However, offering highly personalized service is one of the ways you can do so. And guess what? It isn’t as costly or time-consuming as you might think.

You can save detailed information on each customer account by using the online portal of your cloud communication system. Thus you can create targeted marketing campaigns depending on your customer’s previous orders or suggest products and services to improve their experience and save them money.

Shipping companies can use cloud communications to enhance customer communication, experience, and collaboration and take their businesses to the next level. If you are interested to know more about cloud communications for your business, reach us at SPARK Services Technology Solutions!

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