SPARK Services support, and ticketing system

Open a Support Ticket

Please note this system will only open a non-emergency support ticket.  If you are a managed client or a business telephone customer you must call 918-608-8888 to request 24/7/365 emergency support.  Also, please be aware if you are an LTE internet customer your ticket will be replied to on the next business day. If you are an existing business customer, please use your business email address.

It is important to select the appropriate ticket urgency level.  These levels may contain applicable fees if you are not a 3CX support client.

Emergency = Instant Response Time ($175/hour)
Urgent = 1 Hour Response Time ($150/hour)
High = 24 Hour Response Time ($125/hour)
Normal = Default for ALL tickets 48 Hour Response time ($125/hour)
Low = 72 Hour Response Time ($125/hour)


You may begin a check-in to get started with a new request, or check the status of an existing request.

Start a New Service Ticket

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Remote Support

Need us to remote in and troubleshoot? After you’ve opened a ticket, download our remote support tool below.

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