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Remote Access

To run remote access, please download and install the appropriate application below. Your remote technician will let you know which download you should choose. For help please call us at 918-608-8888

Customer Support Access

Most of our customers will use this option to establish an on demand support session.

Remote Access

Use this download if we are establishing a full time remote session to your computer or server system

Frequently Asked Questions

No Fix – No Money: Are there any if’s, ands, or but’s?
If we can’t fix it there is absolutely 100% no charge for our services. We also provide free estimates!

Are your prices competitive?
Our prices are in-line with industry standards. We will try our best to beat or match most competitors prices by 5% or more. In short we might not always be the cheapest but we will always be the best because we care about you and your business.

Do you offer net 30, 60, or 90 terms?
We will do what it takes to work with your accounts payable department. However these arrangements MUST be made in advance.

When does my billing start?
We bill what is called “doorstep-to-doorstep” billing meaning we charge you from the minute we leave and are en-route to your location. This sounds like it is unfair but remember we have to pay for our own gas, and wear and tear on our vehicles. Other companies will just try to “hide” this charge but we do not work that way. To us it’s just doing the right thing by letting customers know exactly what they are being billed for.

Can you teach me how to upgrade my computer?
Yes. We can teach you how to upgrade your own computer, step-by-step, at your house or business.

What equipment do I need?
To answer this question correctly, we first would need to know what you would like to do on your network. After that, we can put together a list of equipment you will need. Most small networks will just need some sort of a switch or a router, some network cable, and a couple of network cards.

When is my monthly bill due?
All MONTHLY invoices come out on the 1st day of every month and are due on the 15th of every month.

Do you offer onsite/ home service?
Our services are mainly onsite. Most upgrades, repairs, maintenance, and some troubleshooting can be performed on-site. In some cases (few hardware issues), we have to take system to our office based lab. Our prices include these services free of charge.

Can you troubleshoot an existing small network?
Yes. We can troubleshoot most home and small business networks even if we did not originally install it.

How do you bill me?
We send invoices electronically using e-mail and PDF files. You may also pay online using the links provided in the e-mail.

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